Staff Slideshow

This is our first "offical" release of the 'Zone Staff Slide Show page! Only the staff memebers that submitted a photo of themselfs are on the applet. If anyone is interested in creating an effect "driver" for this applet, let me know at (It's easy to make!) Currently, only 3 are up: standard swipe in, standard swipe out and gravity.

JesterX - For explaining elementry (float) and (int) casting. (I can handle pointers, but I can't handle floats. :-)
Mr. Z - Resolving a syntex bug that slipped by my compiler. (Knowing Mircosoft, it was suppost to be a feature.)
My brain - for the code
Lorusa - Creating the name graphics in the "Sonic"ish font. (It was either load a bunch of images or shove a font into your system behind your back.)