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on FX
About The Games
read the stories behind the games (many are missing because I ordered them from funcoland and they "are not responsible for missing instructions" but this is rediculous)
more sonic secrets, tricks and codes are found here, than the rest of the internet combined
If anybody wants to put these codes on their site read this
Ultimate Codemaster
This section contains codes for the infamous Game Genie & Game Shark.
Some of these are lost codes that haven't been seen in a while, some I made myself
Knuxcom's old StH Message Board
The great Sonic site Knuxcom once went down for the count, but the Message Board still lives on!
More From The System
Home made Saturn S-Video and more
This section is dedicated to helping people get to know the system better and how to get the best graphics & sound out of it
Sonic Cameo's
Other places Sonic and related characters have been found
How The Game Cheats
"The game keeps cheating" We've all said it at one time or another when we've been beaten in Mortal Kombat for the 10th time in a row or so on, but later you think of how stupid the comment was. But maybe just maybe you really were cheated. This page is dedicated to prove that games really do cheat
SatAMP Skins
Freedom Fighters Network A links page for sites to join. Changing the way we look for sonic stuff online
If you have a sonic site, and want fans to be able to find what they want instantly, join up, It's Free!!!!
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