How The Game Cheats
Proof #1 - Mortal Kombat This is very evident on MK3 for SNES when the CPU starts to counter every move you do and stands 3/4 screen away from you, try rapidly hitting foreward. If the CPU copies your every moves to the last millisecond, your being cheated. if this test proves the game is cheating you, try doing nothing, yea thats right wait for the CPU to get out of this mode and attack you, most of the time you'll stand a better chance.
Proof #2 - Perfect Dark Use X-Ray scanner to look at guys chasing you who are behind a wall, sometimes they stop and point their guns at you, and your on the other side of the wall, they even track you with their guns. Gee I wonder how they know your exact location.
Proof #3 - Golden Eye Kind of weird how when your invisible you have guys that follow you everywhere and on the Train they don't follow you but do track you with their guns