Saturn home made S-Video
this picture shows where the wires go.
the video cable is optional.
I am not responsible problems that may occur.
For best preformance buy the S-Video and A/V cables and cut one end off
{With this hook up you will notice changes such as shadows looking worse, this is just what the picture looks like without the video cable blending things together, but the rest of the picture more than makes up for the loss.}
These games are done in Hi-Resolution and look incredible -Virtua Fighter 2, Fighting Vipers & Fighters Megamix
These games are done in Lo-Resolution and look incredible -
Nights & Nightwarriors: Darkstalkers Revenge
Sonic Jam - The Genesis games will blow you away
For even better graphics i strongly recommend using an actual Saturn S-Video cable. I found a site that sells them
Analog controller compatible games - The Saturn will detect an analog controller as a racing steering wheel. L+R won't do anything. Up and Down on the D-pad are the new L+R.
Tested and Confirmed on Daytona USA and Sega Rally.
If you have Panzer Dragoon II and Panzer Dragoon Saga save them both in the system memory or the RAM cart and Panzer Dragoon II will work with the analog controller (there is a bug that will make the "berserk" go off by itself)
Project: Genesis Homemade Upgrades
Thanks to the 32X and a few wires I was able to figure out what every hole in the A/V out port does and even tried to make S-Video out of it. I got close but the picture was still better on a A/V cable. In a few years when the price of HDTV comes way down I will attempt Genesis HDTV, and I promise you Saturn HDTV. Promise because it says in the instructions "HDTV Compatible"
Project: TV Compatible Game Gear
Simply said, there had to be a way to get it off a little screen and on to a big one
Project: Ultimate
Old Ststems on a monitor? It may be possible!