What is Sonic Crackers?
I went to a site where someone claimed to hack into Sonic 2 and showed "unused sprites" (character pics) from the game. One of them was the pic on the left, only from Sonic 2 and sonic wasn't holding tails. Also shown were the "dizzy" animations from sonic crackers. Thinking about this gave me these theories
-Sonic Crackers once was or was part of Sonic 2
-Crackers was the Sonic 2 bonus stages (get the chaos emerald before time expires), then wanted to make a Sonic 3 of it, then scrapped it
notes - pic taken from sonic crackers. (press and hold A near Tails, release to throw him.) In sonic 2 beta get sonic to do his braking animation off an edge, he'll go into the sonic crackers dizzy animation while falling
Tails' orange eyes
In Sonic Crackers, Tails has orange eyes. Foxes have orange eyes, and maybe so were Tails'. In Sonic 2 they were black and they always were until Sonic Adventure
Theory -Sonic Crackers existed before Sonic 2
Sonic Crackers = Sonic 2 ?
The ROM's for Sonic Crackers, Sonic 2 and Sonic 2 beta are all the same KB size. Maybe Sonic Crackers is hidden somewhere in Sonic 2 and maybe Sonic 2 is hidden somewhere in Sonic Crackers
Sonic Adventure: Missing Faces
Look at Tails' face in any sonic game, in this example, at top speed he looks determined, in Sonic Adventure he's just like Sonic, expressionless. In my code section there is a trick to see Tails' face change. I think Sonic Team cut out face changes from the game
SatAM Characters made by Sega
I have always believed this, In the old Sonic games the story is "Robotnik is snatching innocent animals and turning them into evil robots" quote Sonic 1 instruction manual and the background of scrap brain looks too much like robotropolis, then the story to Sonic CD includes princess sally.
Then I found more proof.......
I was playing Sonic Spinball. Your friends are trapped
Freed one. HEY! Its Bunnie
Two More. A bird and Princess Sally
And that's Rotor
Wouldn't be complete with out Tails.
A Monkey?
and a dog?