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    This small utility  shows name, date, time, size and the results of four 16 bit CRCs (compatible with McAfee Validate versions 1.0 and 2.0) and of one 32 bit CRC with 3 padding (0, 128 and 1024 bytes), for each file matching filename. Time and date are expressed according to your COUNTRY setting. The 32 bit CRC is the same calculated by PkZIP and used by MAME.
    With the aid of CRCALL you can:

    • determine which rom corresponds to a specific CRC, so that you can correctly rename improperly named rom sets (useful for Mame emulator);
    • avoid sending huge files through Internet, only to discover that they have exactly the same contents; it is much quicker to send only the results given by CRCALL and compare them; it can be considered impossible that two different files report exactly the same values under CRCALL;
    • check for file tampering.

    Download CRCALL v 2.0