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    Simone Zanella's Emu Tools

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    After a long time spent quietly working on other projects (mostly connected to my real work - I create industrial solutions related to the Auto-ID field), I've decided to revamp a few utils I've created for all emu fans out there. I'm adding a couple of previously unreleased files for you enjoyment; the BIG update (that is, the long awaited and often requested new version of JoyEmu) is still not ready, but I hope to find the time to clean up  the current source code very soon; my beta version has a couple of very requested features, such as 4-way mode for old arcade games and a new timer code, that let the emulator work even under Rage and NeoRage. I've also prepared a driver for Sidewinder, but I need to change a lot of things in the configuration files, so don't hold your breath..


    1. Introduction
    2. IDSA & emulation
    3. JoyEmu
    4. CartXXX
    5. CRCALL
    6. PAD