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Wrong URL for bottom submission
I put the wrong URL....Heres the right one
SNES CD-Rom: The Myth, The Death, and The Legend

Remember this great, yet NEVER RELEASED console? Check out the SNES page to see.
SNES CD-Rom: The Myth, The Death, and The Legend

TC Fireside Chat #2
The second week of this new experiment being used for Translation Central's main page. So what's your opinion so far? Don't be afraid to Email me your thoughts.
Translation Central

Neo-Geo Hardware....In english
My trilogy of the _____ hardware in English, with Neo-Geo Hardware in English! It translates the various components so just about ANYONE can understand them. Be sure to check out all 3 ____ Hardware in english.

PS: Can someone else update finally? :)
Snes Hardware in English
Genesis Hardware In English

Neo Geo Hardware....In English

Snes page Now Has Utilities!
The SNES page now has a few utilities that can help you by making a game, translations, getting sounds, and a few more. Check it out :)

SNES Utilities Page

Neo Geo Emulators and Pages updated
Got the Neo-geo pages updated, and added the new emulators
Neo-Geo emulation

Genesis Hardware....in ENGLISH
If anyone has seen my SNES page with the SNES hardware in english, you'll like my Genesis hardware in english. This shows the various chips and in-cart stuff. Check both of them out :) SNES Hardware....In english
Genesis hardware.....In english

Genesis Makeover Done
Been gone for 2 days, sorta a mini vacation :) But i got the Genesis page done.
Genesis Page

WinSTon Download.
Here it is.
WinSTon version 2r2

WinSTon vr2r2 released
Hey everybody. WinSTon, an atari ST emulator has just been updated to version 2r2. I don't have the time to upload it right now. I will get around to it as soon as I can unless someone else does it.
Link/Section name

Just a reminder there is a chat room
just reminding every on there is a chat room for the zone the link has been removed from the main page but its still there on the message board links...thanks. http://www.emulationzone.org/consoles/tg16/chat/chat.htm
Emulationzone chat room

EmulationZone Turns Three (3)!
On Saturday, August 28,1999, the 'Zone will be celebrating it's THIRD birthday! I never imagined 3 years ago that the site I scribbled-out on a few sheets of paper would bloom to the full fledged site that we have today. It's just amazing to see how far it has gotten!

Throughout the years, the site has received numerious hits and inspired countless others to join the community we call "the emulation scene". We even received some media attention on C|Net's Gamecenter on their coveraged of Emulation.

I'm sure that those that have been with the 'Zone for more then a months (past and present) have a few stories to tell. So, to celibrate our third birthday, I would like to try something different. Instead of a hooky-pocky celebration, the staff of the 'Zone (past and present) will be posting either a short story or a few lines of comments about the 'Zone with the rest of us. The postings will be housed on our message board. (Link below.) It should be fun to watch! I would also like to request past 'Zone staff members to post a few words as well.
Message Board

Genesis Page Updated
Got the main page of the Genesis Section updated. Also updated the emulators.
Genesis Section

More NES Updates
Well, I just finished updating some more of the NES section. I uploaded the technical documents (that were no where to be found), and changed some of the pages so that they all followed the same style as the index page. Makes them easier to edit and fix that way. If you see any probelms with the NES page, just E-mail me.

Also, I'm still looking for an icon with my alias (nickname) in it. Just like this: TommyBoy . If all else fails, I could try and make myself one. ;o)
Nintendo Entertainment System

SNES Page Updated
Finally, I got the SNES page updated with a updated background and faster loading. Also, Emulators updated to newest.

NES Emulator Page Updated
Hello everyone. TommyBoy, the new NES Page Maintainer here. Just thought I'd tell you that I uploaded about 12 NES emulators for you to download. I want to thank DoughBoy for his old emulator page, I'm temporarily using the reviews from it, and No Carrier, for allowing me to be here. It's great! :o) Also, I'm looking for one of those neat little icons with TommyBoy in it. Just like it is there. Make it about 120x40. If I choose yours, you'll get your name on the NES page (sorry, I'm poor, don't have much to give :o). E-mail all submissions to tommyboy@emulationzone.org.


Hexecute 2.0 Released
Hexecute 2.0, a win32 hex editor by me, mdw2, was released about 6:55 this morning, it is available for download at the Hexecute Home Page. Hopefully you will find this program as useful as I have intended it to be. All feedback can be sent to me.