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Topic: General RPG Advices
  • Save often : RPGs are very tough games. And most of them are huge. So it's useful to keep a record of your adventure. And do it often, because it isn't fun to lose a battle or something like that and then have to repeat 2 or 3 hours of game.
  • Talk a lot : knowledge is power... by talking to the characters you meet in your adventures, you can know much about where you are. Sometimes a small story heard in the pub or a little chat with an oldman in his house may show you the way ahead, so talk to everybody you meet.
  • Make friends : there are lots of RPGs that let you find allies. Whenever possible, make friends among the people you meet, because some of them may join you.
  • Search carefully : items are precious things. They can make your life very easy, specially if they're powerful. Sometimes they're hidden or are given to you by someone, so search carefully.
  • Win experience : usually, you win experience in battles. If you are having troubles passing through an enemy or if you think that your character is too weak, don't be ashamed of going back and fight against smaller enemies. When you think that you have earned enough experience, you may face more powerful enemies.
  • Draw a map : if you don't have a good orientation sense and the game doesn't provide you with a map, then draw one by yourself. It'll be useful if you get lost.

Topic: Strategic Battles
The first thing you should do is look around. Use the map mode if the game has one. This will help you plan your first moves. After that, you have to choose which opponents to defeat. In some games all you have to do is defeat the boss and the battle ends. In these cases, going around the battlefield smashing enemies is a waste of time (unless you want to win experience). But going straight to the boss can also be a giant mistake.
Whenever possible, engage multiple enemies. Most games have magics than can affect several enemies at the same time. By doing this you'll be saving time and MP. But do not send a single mage against a group of soldiers (unless you're really sure that you'll defeat them). Mages have a weak physical strength and they won't last much against a group of soldiers. Keep one or two warriors with your mages to provide cover. In fact, try attacking in waves. Place your warriors in the first row and the long range characters (like mages or archers) in the second. This way, you'll combine the warriors' resistance and close-combat abilities in order to protect the remaining characters. You'll also be able to attack with the archers and mages well covered.
If the game offers geographical obstacles, take advantage. Sometimes having the control of a bridge or rocky pass can eliminate the enemy's numerical superiority. Let's face it, in most games you'll fight in numerical inferiority. You have to solve this problem or you'll lose the battle in a few seconds. For example, controlling a bridge where only two warriors can pass at the same time will help you a lot. It'll force the enemy to fight on equal terms, even if he has a bigger army just outside the bridge. This will also be a great occasion to use the wave attack explained before and to make a good use of all the flying creatures you have (assuming that you have them).
Use healing items and magics when possible. You'll need all your team in one piece if you wish to stand a chance. Keep your healers away from the battle (unless they're really good warriors). Move them to the back of the team and, when somebody needs assistance, move that person near the healer. Remember also to always engage battle with tons of healing items. You never know when the only person that can assist a wounded soldier is another magic-lacking soldier. In this case, items are the only solution.