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February 12, 2000

Due to lack of time and interest, development on hexecute is being discontinued. However, a much better hex editor is being developed by Yousei called Hexroll, you might want to keep up with that instead, since it will undoubtedly be better due to the fact that Yousei simply is a better win32 coder than I am. His page is here.

December 2, 1999

I have started working on a Linux port of hexecute, it will not be X, but it will be modeled after the DOS version of hexecute. I am not discontinuing work on the windows version however, that will continue to be updated as i have the time to code updates for it, which seems to be getting less and less. Anyway, thanks for your time and have a great day. ^_^

October 20, 1999

Installshield version of hexecute has been uploaded for easy installing of hexecute, it is still 2.10 so if you already have it, don't bother. The complete recoding of hexecute is now underway and is going well.

October 2, 1999

I've been looking over hexecute's code recently, and after stepping away from it for a while because of school, I realized how much of a mess the code was, due to the fact that I actually learned Win32 while programming it. So I've basically decided to scrap all of the old code and recode the entire thing from scratch, this will not take anywhere near as long as originally coding it did, and will produce much cleaner code with many less bugs and smaller file sizes hopefully. Wish me luck!

September 22, 1999

I will be working on improving (implementing) japanese support in hexecute, even though i know absolutely no japanese. It will prove to be a worthy challenge but one i think many many people will find useful.

September 16, 199

Hexecute 2.10 is released, this is somewhat major due to the inclusion of support for multiple byte character values in table files, if you are attempting to dump a japanese script, this would be of great use to you.

September 13, 199

Well, I never believed people when they said they couldn't update becuase they got too busy with their real lives, I figured, how hard could it be? But, I have found it is rather difficult to take a few minutes a day to update a page when you have all sorts of homework and other things to do. I will say that hexecute is still under active development, not as active as during the summer, but still active. Expect a major release in December, and minor fixes now and then.

August 26, 1999

I'm leaving for college in the morning, so expect no bug-fix versions this weekend.

August 26, 1999

Hexecute 2.02 is released, it improves the rom expansion (no longer realtime) and bank splitting, and it fixes a bug in the script dump dialog.

August 25, 1999

YAY!!! Finally, Hexecute 2.0 is released, you can get it at the download page. This is truly a joyous day for all mankind.
NOTE: DO NOT TRY TO OPEN HEXECUTE.EXE IN HEXECUTE. If you can't figure out why.......

August 25, 1999

While waiting for the splash screen, I have implemented splitting files by banks of user defined size, and drag and drop. So it should be that much more user friendly.

August 22, 1999

I'm still waiting on the splash screen, anyway, I've been able to track down and squash every single bug that I've found, I would request that you only send me reports of bugs that can be accurately reproduced, and that you take a screenshot of it if you get a window that pops up during the bug. Please send all of those to the Hexecute Bugs Email address.

August 20, 1999

Well, coding is done, the help file is done, I'm simply waiting on my splash screen to be finished and a release will be ready. I'll just try to find some bugs while I'm waiting on the splash screen from Takashi.

August 18, 1999

The bug has been worked out, now i am finishing up the help file and waiting on my uberleet splash screen. :-)

August 17, 1999

One final bug is being worked out and the help file is in progress. After that, it's time for a release. Here is a screenshot of what it looks like.

August 10, 1999

Hexecute is pretty darn near completion, it is in the final bug-finding stage.

August 8, 1999

It looks like I will be able to work on both projects at once, so hexecute development is coming along well, as evidenced by this little snippet of information: That right there is an example of the the ways you can use the Copy As option, so you can paste compilable code straight from data. Intel and Motorola will be an option.

August 6, 1999

Things with hexecute are moving along wonderfully, i'll be taking a few days off of hexecute to work on another very secret, yet very worth my effort project, once it's released i'm sure you'll all agree with me that it will be the most revolutionary thing in emulation in the last couple of years.

August 5, 1999

Well, my first update, things are coming along well, cut and paste is almost working perfectly, and there are a few bugs to work out of the "Jump To" dialog box, along with the search results box. Currently it edits both hex data and ascii data, depending on where the cursor is, and a dialog box is used to input table based text directly into the file. Look for a new beta in about a week or so, if not a full release. The version currently available on the download page is (probably) the last DOS version to be released, 1.20

About This Page

This page will become the main source for Hexecute information, all new releases, updates, and random info that i feel like putting up will be posted here for all to see. I probably won't be updating much in the near future do to the fact that I only have one month left before I go back to college and would like to get a full win32 version released before then.

About Hexecute

Hexecute 2.0 is a fully featured win32 hex editor designed for translation projects with specific features like table file or ascii based script dumping and inserting, full search features include hex value, relative, and ascii text search, and other features common to professional hex editors. The DOS version of Hexecute is available at either Zophars Domain or at the download page. If you are editing ISO's i currently recommend using Hexecute 1.20, because of it's unusual method of storing changes in RAM and because the windows version isn't out yet :-)

About Betas

I will be posting a new beta whenever I feel that enough progress has been made over the last beta to warrant releasing another beta. Please do not email me asking for a beta or to be a beta tester. I have enough who are beta testers already.

About Me

Well, my name is Mike Walston (AKA mdw2). I can be contacted here. I am currently a sophomore studying computer science at LeTourneau University in Longview, Texas. I have been interested in emulation since i first discovered it on a BBS about a two years ago.

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