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InstallShield Version
Hexecute - v 2.10.1 InstallShield 1.12 megs

Zipped Versions
Hexecute - v. 2.10 512k
Hexecute - v. 2.10 w/out help file 256k
Hexecute Help File 255k

Hexecute 2.10 is now available, for those of you who
are sure you don't need the help file, get the version
without it, because it's about 250k smaller.

If you have problems with the help file you might
need to download the hhupd.exe from here

Hexecute - v. 1.20

You can download Hexecute for DOS here. Version 1.20 is
the newest and last DOS version. All future versions will
be win32. It works for both ISO's and small files.

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