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Emulation Websites

EmulationZone - Wonderfule emulation site, also the site that has given me hosting for my page. So they deserve first billing.
Zophars Domain - Good emulation website, very popular, has a lot of utilities useful to anyone interested in emulation.
Daves Video Game Classics - Another good emulation website, not my favorite, but good, has some useful message boards.
Demiforce - The source of a number of good translations, and the host of the FF3 translation by awj, neill, and SoM2Freak.

Programming Websites

Developer Central - home of some good C/C++/MFC/Java Tutorials for those of you interested
FreeCode.com - lots of free source code available here, cgi, internet, and html, written in a variety of languages.
Programmers Heaven - not one of my favorite sites, but some people find it really useful, so, who am I to argue.

Other Sites of Interest

XSPC - A good win32 SPC player coded by a friend of mine. It's a nice piece of software

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