Phantasy Star Original Dialogue Version
Japanese to English Retranslation
by Paul Jensen <>

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Complete Script (updated 6/21/02)
A retranslation of the in-game dialogue, including guides for getting through key conversations.

Menu Guide (coming soon...)
A guide to the title, main, and battle menus.

Item Guide (updated 6/21/02)
An easy-to-navigate index of every item.

Magic Guide (coming soon...)
A listing of all spells, including accompanying system messages.

Shop Guide (updated 6/21/02)
A guide to getting through the dialogues in the shops, hospitals, and churches.

Monster Guide (coming soon...)
A listing of all monster names.

About This Project

This project was designed to enlighten and entertain people about the original Japanese-language version of Phantasy Star for the Sega Mark III video game console.  It is not intended to be an extensive walkthrough, although it does contain certain helpful information for the sake of convenience.

The script assumes that the reader is familiar with the gameplay of the original Phantasy Star (i.e. menus, battles, locations, methods of transportation), and will likely be enjoyed most by readers who have played one of the published versions to completion.

The script was modeled after Ben Morse's Phantasy Star I Complete Script, which can be found on James Maxlow's Phantasy Star Pages.  For additional reference, I also made use of Wolfgang Landgraf's Phantasy Star Homepage.

The translation was done solely by me, and I assume responsibility for any and all errors and/or omissions that may exist in this document. If you happen to find an error or omission in this document, please notify me at <>.

Another reference I used is Jim Breen's excellent WWWJDIC, an online Japanese-English and English-Japanese dictionary and Kanji database.
Check it out. It's free -- as in no-ad-no-f'in'-popup-windows-no-f'in'-signing-up-for-spam-mailing-list free.


-Paul Jensen