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No bleem! Hopla Here
I was visiting DMD and saw a posting from a mad person about the further delays on the release of the final version of bleem! to their customers. If you are not familiar with this issue, here's the lowdown:
Bleem, a PlayStaion(PSX) emulator, was marked as a the next big marvel in emulation since UltraHLE. Even though Connectix plans to make a PC port of their MAC PSX emulator, Virtual Game Station, bleem! has always been noted as "superior" and plan "better."
Just like Connectix's emulator, the bleem! team is charging money for their emulator. I have no problem with that, but lately, the emulator has been starting to become a rip-off due to broken business promises and the lack of ties within "emulation" community because of their "money money money" only approach.

A month or two ago, the bleem! team starting taking orders for bleem! on their website. Basically, you pay them $20 ($40 now I think) for the emulator via credit card, and you get to download it once your credit is approved. The promise was (as far as I know) was that they would ship you a CD-ROM disk, which basically acts as a "key-disk" for the emulator so you could use future version of the emulator, which they said they were going to provide.
I know there was a lot of complaints of people not getting their CD's on time (or at all,) and no people are getting real mad because the May 5th "promise" by the bleem team to ship out the final version of the emulator is being delayed.

So, you can see why the people who bought bleem! are not happy. But that's not the worse of it. I am posting 3 email message I got from the bleem! team.
  • Message One - If you got the first message the same day that I got it, you would be doubtful that this emulator project was legitimate. After all, I have gotten a lot of "new emulator project with this and that" only to turn up as a hoax. They asked for volunteers, we asked for proof, and got no replies.

  • Message Two - Here, the bleem! team is complaining that no one is taking this project seriously. After all, we should we? At the time, they gave us no proof or anything legitimate, except a website with nothing on it and they expect the emulation scene to open their arms to an emulator project that was going to become a commercial project from the start? (Read the messages carefully and you will get that hint from the context.) Get real! Lorsua, our Genesis and Playstation maintainer, asked to conduct an interview, we never got a response.

  • Message Three - This is the last message I got from the bleem! team. I think the leaked beta came out a bit later, but they came-out with some screen shots that had a "wire-frame" masking on a screen shot on it that made this project, for the first time to me, look legitimate.
    Again, all message to them were never responded to any of our messages.

    In conclusion, I just want to say that the 'Zone never went on a hoopla rage or anything like that over this emulator. After all, they have no connections with the real emulation scene:
  • They gave no insight on their project and on how they accomplished many of the feats they made in the emulator. I don't admire "hand-out" emulator projects, like ULTRAHLE: you can't learn anything from it. (Expect for the unexpected side effect of .ini hacking and Glide wrapper generation.)
  • But worse of all, they are have succeeded in capitalizing a community that was once an arena where people were not motivated by greed, but by the fun that goes into hacking and emulator your favorite system.

    So, for these reasons, you never have and never will see us dancing and creating hoopla just to help line someone's wallet. Remember, we don't make any money off this site, so why should I help others make money off of our own? I don't mind giving someone in the emulation community a hand and I wouldn't mind braking this rule to give aid to someone in trouble, but bleem! is not part of our emulation community: we are not mindless, witless gamers, and most importantly, We are not for sale!!

    Feel free to voice your opinions to me.