From - Tue Nov 03 21:36:29 1998
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Reply-To: "bleem Beta" 
From: "bleem Beta" 
Subject: bleem Beta release
Date: Tue, 3 Nov 1998 06:40:00 -0800

Yes, it's true, there's a pre-beta-beta that was sent to EliteGamer.

The codebase was at a point where a split could take place and he was the
only one around to test it.

All beta sites who have sent in their NDAs should receive their versions

We're aiming to send it out tonight, but please don't expect it --
Especially after the recent fiasco over the last "official" date -- we don't
want a repeat of that.

Versions are being sent via EMail because there have been FAR too many hack
attempts on the website.

Also, as you may have read on the beta site, bleem *REQUIRES* DirectX 6.

EliteGamer's testing revealed that an early version of DirectX6 they had
installed resulted in a black screen... If you get that happening, reinstall
DirectX6 and it apparently goes away.

We have *NO* idea why that happened... It isn't likely that it was *our*
issue, rather probably from DirectX, but we're not sure yet... Hence, that's
why it's called "beta"... ;-)

Thanks again for your continued support,

We asked severial times for a interview, and they never bothered to responce.