From - Thu Oct 01 01:43:05 1998
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From: "bleem Beta" 
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1998 22:08:55 -0700

Dear Emulation News WebSite:

Wow, have we got some news for you!

Many of you won't have heard about us before, and that's because we've tried
to keep this development project "hush-hush" until it's been ready -- and
that time is now!

bleem was developed as the premier PSX emulator for PCs and compatible
systems, and we're very pleased to announce that we've entered our final
compatibility testing before our public release!

Featuring fast, *complete* emulation of the PSX hardware, bleem promises to
run the vast majority of your PSX games on a Standard Multimedia PC system
*without* the need for additional 3D hardware or accelerators!

Our target platform is a Pentium 166Mhz, 16Mb RAM, HighColour (15-bit or
higher) Graphics Card, 2x CDROM, SoundBlaster Compatible SoundCard and 1 MB
of Hard Disk space available.

Most games are currently playable at high speed on a P200 MMX and further
speed increases are expected before our final release sometime in the next
few weeks!

Don't believe it?  Can't believe it?  Won't believe it?!  Soon you'll be
able to try bleem out for yourselves!

Simply point your web browser to and follow the links to fill
out the bleem Beta Site application!

Since you're an Emulation News WebSite, your bleem Beta Site status has
already been approved and filling out the application is merely to collect
information about your hardware setup and confirm that you wish to receive
bleem Beta Releases.

bleem Beta Site Group acceptance for the general public is not yet closed,
however it is limited to qualifying sites (based largely upon the hardware
configuration and PSX game library the site has access to for compatibility

We look forward to having you as part of our Beta Site Group and to our
final release to the public!


bleem staff.

bleem -- The future of emulation technology is here!

bleem is not supported, endorsed, approved or otherwise sanctioned in any
way, shape or form by Sony Corporation or any of its subsidiaries or
divisions.  All trademarks and copyrights are property of their respective

bleem Feature List

*  Full Screen Display in 15, 16, 24 and 32 bpp

*  Windowed Display in 15, 16, 24 and 32 bpp

*  User can resize and move window!

*  MultiMonitor support for Windows 98/Memphis

*  Graphics configuration lets user specify a specific DirectDraw Graphics
Mode for ALL operations!
   (This means you can tell bleem to ALWAYS use 320x200 for higher speed, or
640x480 for better resolution!)

*  Complete support for ALL PSX Graphics Modes and Resolutions
   (Yes, bleem even supports PSX 24-bpp output even if your graphics card is
only 15- or 16-bpp!)

*  ALL GPU operations emulated, including Alpha-blended Gouraud Shaded
Textured Quads!

*  Mono or Stereo sound output

*  8 or 16 bit sound output

*  User selectable sound output sampling rates
   (Choose lower output rates for faster emulation, or use a higher rate for
better sound quality!)

*  Sound configuration lets user specify a specific DirectSound Driver!

*  Full Motion Video (MDEC) in 16 and 24 bit output

*  Full Motion Video (MDEC) in black/white only for higher speed

*  Stereo Full Motion Audio (CDXA)
   (Yes, bleem can also output CDXA as 8-bit only, or Mono instead of Stereo
for further speed increases!)

*  Perfect support for *most* CDROM drives
   (bleem even includes RAW Mode emulation for compatibility with most older
CDROM units!)

*  Completely User-configurable Input Controllers!
   (For example, you can select Joystick Button 1 to match the PSX Triangle
    and Keyboard TAB to match the PSX Select button for the same

*  Complete support for DirectInput Devices including POV Hats, Sliders and


*  100% hand-optimized Machine Code -- NO C or C++ ANYWHERE!