System Specific Emulation

Welcome to the System Specific Emulation section of this Newbie guide. I intend for this section to be for the newbie. Therefore I will list (in my opinion) the best emulators for those who just want to play games and forget about all that technical stuff. In this section I cover:

I don't intend to cover computer systems like the Amiga (*hold back a chuckle*) or foriegn systems like the MSX or X68000 mainly because emulationzone is strictly console emulation. Besides Dave's VideoGame Classics can do a better job on this than I ever could!

In these sections I break down:

I just want you to get used to the basics, more detailed information reguarding these systems can be found on the main page. So now, sit back, grab a coke and prepare to be dazzled (or mildly surprised) as we get to the meat of this newbie guide.