Nesticle GUI vx.xx
Screen Shot of Nesticle GUI vX.XX

The old Nintendo. I'm sure you all remember the original Nintendo right? If you don't get the hell off of my page right now! Sorry about that, I'll try to control myself for you N64 loving punks. The nintendo was first introduced in 1983 in Japan as the Famicom and...well you know what? There really is way too much information on this system to do it justice here so i'll skip the back history. Long story short if you remember kick ass games like Super Mario Bros. 3 or River City Ransom, then you'll remember the NES. If you reall want more information check out... tsr's nes archive for more nes stuff than you can shake a stick at (if you're into that sort of thing).

But for now lets get to the emulation prospects. For the most part the NES has been emulated near perfectly. The best user friendly emulator to get is:


Nesticle running Legacy of the Wizard w/ interface
Nesticle running Legacy of the Wizard w/ interface

A very easy to use emulator with a kick ass GUI interface. Nesticle is compatable with a plethora (ooh, big word!) of games, has perfect sound, lots of cool ablilites like the ability to "save states" (see the dictionary for an example of this) and game genie support

(Yah! Galoob!) and runs at FULL speed! It also has bonus PC features such as the ability to log wav's (listen and record your favorite game music to a CD) and take in-game snapshots. Nesticle also supports a wide range of *mappers which makes it more compatiable with many games.

In fact if you by chance clicked on the Nintendo section first, I strongly encourage you to use this emulator first before any other emulator. As it will give you an idea on what this whole emulation thing is all about.

Nesticle running Legacy of the Wizard w/o interface
Nesticle running Legacy of the Wizard w/o interface

System Requirements:

Download Nesticle here!

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*See the dictionary section for further explination