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02/28/1999 - Sunday .
GameOS homepage updated!
The GameOS homepage has been updated. GameOS is a programming project with the aim of creating a computer operating system with only one purpose: to play games! The GameOS specifications call for heavy system optimization to allow for many interesting possibilities with new PC games, and console emulation. More info at: http://www.emulationzone.org/projects/gameos

02/10/1999 - Wednesday .
Translation Central Updated!
TheFreak updated the Translation section, and posted a few new patches for download (two of them are for the GameBoy). Go there!

02/10/1999 - Wednesday .
Seven7 is taking charge of the Fan-Fare section. Good luck with the job!!

01/22/1999 - Friday .
No updates?
click here
2.) New "offical" person on the main page (Amy Rose)
3.) Zoom has joined the staff. He'll be you out in the news dept. and in other areas as well.click here
4.) Kid Icarus Colliseum is up. Click here
5.) Playstation Page updated. Click here
6.) NES translation page updated. Click here
7.) And, of course, a super nifty and cool new layout will be released here on the 'Zone on Jan. 24th! (Link is not avalible for the generial public.)

01/10/1999 - Sunday .
Poor Manu
  • Dam modem - Manu has had a rash or bad luck and is requesting help. First, Manu bought a Lucent Tech. modem and is having connection problems. As anyone who worked at an ISP will tell you, those modems suck! If anyone has any tips for him send them to him.
  • Dam Linux - Manu also lost his personal collection of N64 ROMs due to a Linux install mishap. If anyone is interested in helping him out, send him email.
  • Dam lack of time - If that wasn't enough problems, Manu is running short on time and is urgently requesting a maintainer or co-maintinaer to helpout with the N64 page. If you are interested in this possition, email No Carrier.
    Manu is N64 section maintainer. His address is manus@allover.com.

    New Staff Members
  • Blazemore - Blazemore has joined the staff! He will be incharge of the Kid Icarus FanFair section.
  • Apremtoce - I forgot what he job was. :-(

    01/04/1999 - Monday .
    Translation Central updated!
  • Translation Central - TheFreak just updated the Translation Central.

    01/02/1999 - Saturday .
    What's going on here??
  • Wrong Section? - No, You aren't on the news section. This is the new look of our Updates section. Hope you enjoy it!!

    PS: All "old" updates have been removed.

    1/1/1999 - Friday .
    Sonic HeadQuarters

  • Sonic HQ Now Open! -
    The 'Zone is proud to announce the grand reopening of Sonic HeadQuarters on the 'Zone! Sonic HQ is quite possible the web's most complete Sonic fan site. This page was originally on GeoCities, but with the help of the 'Zone, the page moves to our "pop-up banner" free server. We hope with the resources available on the 'Zone that the page will continue to grow, and we wish Zifei and the rest of the Sonic HQ staff the best of luck! I would personal like to thank Emula tion World for providing the server and web space that makes all of this possible! http://www.emulationzone.org/sonichq

    Staff Firings
  • Dump the Duuk - Duuk-Tsarith first signed-on to help the 'Zone in late August after the word went out that we needed people. He didn't take on any positions, and thus was unassigned any task until he took on the SNES position in Oct. For the month that he controlled th at section, we should a great amount of effort and promise for the SNES page. Then he mysteriously stopped working on the page. When asked, he said it was in protest because he listed function on the Staff page was "unassigned," and that it was not corre cted after emailing and ICQing messages to Sephiroth and myself to correct this error.
    Well, to be honest with you, Duuk, you did NOT email or ICQ requests for that to be changed to me or Sephiroth. I merely forgot to make the change to the staff page when you went from "unassigned' to "SNES Maintainer."
    The change was made to the staff page and he is STILL not doing a thing. I don't know if this was a poor excuse to leave the 'Zone team or what. I hate to do this to someone that showed so much promise, but if you want out, you got it. Hasta la vista , Duuk!!
  • Red - MIA.

    Staff Hirings
  • TTood - Will be working on the new WEMU Emulation News section.
  • Diablo - Diablo will be joining the growing MTEC RPG Research Facility.
  • Raby - (Offical alias unknown.) Will be bringing his Steally Hacking group to the 'Zone. (As soon as their FTP account is created.............)
  • Nanaki - With in charge of running the EmulationZone channel on the Emulation World IRc server.
  • Rand - Our CGI programming. With Rand's help, we will finally be able to automate both NEWS sections, along with any other CGI job that needs to be done. :-)

    Staff Resignings
  • Mimeslayer - Mimieslayer has resigned after realizing that adding a third webpage to the existing two that he manages was going to be too much.
  • Gotlieb - Gotlieb didn't say much, except that he is not going to be able to run the cheat page.

    A little Quiet Around Here
  • Where's the New? - I promissed a reconstruct of the 'Zone during XMAS break, and it is going nicely! We hope to have all our new goodies and surprises online by the end of new week. I'm not going to say anything just yet, but I will say that you will love it and find it VERY useful!

    12/27/1998 - Sunday .
    Secrets of Sonic
  • Update! - The secrets of Sonic the Hedgehog page has been updated. And they now have a messageboard!!! Check it out!

    TG16 Roms
  • Roms for you... - Psycotron just told me that the TG16 roms are online and downloadable again.

    12/24/1998 - Thursday .
    'Net Based Radio Show Canceled
  • Hired Radio Personality Fired - After speaking with the person who was suppost to do the 'Net based radio show in person, I realized that the person I was hiring has their mind in the gutter. I would be foolish to allow someon e to run an emulation-based radio show who had absolutly no heart in covering emulation based topics. The person in question would rather run the show like a cheap, immoral, music show, then a free format emulation based radio show. This proposed format is completely out of the question, considering that this type of show would clash with the 'Zone's content. So, say good-bye to our proposed Real Audio 'Net show. :-(

    12/24/1998 - Thursday .
    Under reconstruction
  • Its that time again! - We will be restructing the 'Zone over the next few weeks. The purpose of this restructuring is to make the 'Zone a more valuable resource to the Emulation Community, and to help distinquish us from all the "copy cat" emu sites that are poping up.

  • Get well soon! - As you might of heard alredy, Geechyguy got hit by a drunk driver and was sent to a hospital a week or so ago. Last I heard was that he is in serious condition. The 'Zone would like to wish Geechyguy a speedy recovery and we hope he sues the fuck out that asshole how got him into that position. Especially if your given the fact that something like a drunk driver could of been prevented.

    Staff Update
  • Rand - The 'Zone would like to welcome Rand to the staff. Rand will be incharge of creating some CGI scripts to help automate the "What's New" and "WEMU" sections of the site.
  • He's back? - An former staff memeber of the 'Zone might be returning. I won't say who it is yet, but I'll anncouce who it is if he decides he's really up to the task or not.
  • MimeSlayer to Join the 'Zone - The webmaster of MimeSlayer's Emulation (MSE), MimeSlayer, might be joining the 'Zone. Specifics have yet to be ironed out, but expect an update shortly.
  • Nanak to Join the 'Zone - Nanak has agreed to start an IRC channel and page for the 'Zone. Again, specifics are still being ironed out. Expect more info shortly.

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