Wonder Project J

Platform: SNES

The translated title screen.An example of the translated dialogue.The first status screen.Part of the translated opening credits.The game loading screen.The new item font routine.

 This game is quite unusual, but I love it. With unique controls and superb SNES graphics, this RPG is one that you need to play.

August 11th, 2001- Updated patch released. Fixes the status screen, sports meet, and name bugs. [LordTech]

August 9th, 2001- Updated patch released. Fixes the snes9x problem and some grammar mistakes. [LordTech]

August 5th, 2001- Yippee! The game is done. Hope you enjoy it! [LordTech]

March 24th, 2001- Script is being redone, everything else is complete. [LordTech]

September 27th, 2000- Added new item text routines. [LordTech]

September 18th, 2000- Work is going well on this project. The status screens have finally been translated and the main text has been inserted. Also the intro credits and name screens are done. All that is left are item names, ending credits, and A LOT of various Japanese graphics/screens. Look forward to more exciting updates. [LordTech]

December 28th, 1999- While there may not be a patch out, we are working like crazy with this game. LordTech has finished a VWF routine and we have a font made by Bongo`. Thanks to Neil_ for completing the font table for this game. This game is going to turn out to be a great translation. [Nagash`]

Download v1.04 Patch - 911K
Download Translation Toolkit - 1.31M