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Sunday, 21-Jan-2001 22:07:58 EST 
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What Is GenEdit?

GenEdit is a generic data file editor. It was originally conceived as an editor for savegames created by GenEm, KGen and GeneCyst, three Genesis emulators, and for S-RAM files dumped by the Super Magic Drive.
As of version 2.03 support for non-Genesis savegames was started, and version 2.03a introduced support for some non-savegame file types.
Version 2.1.0, which is currently being written, will (hopefully) offer a framework which makes support for all kinds of files possible. The end goal is a program that allows easy editing of a variety of savegames and data files.

What's New?

Updated the user list, and fixed the link to the online manual.
I've not spent much time on GenEdit lately, and I don't expect that to change anytime soon (I start my job on August 1st); in the meantime, I've rebuilt and re-uploaded the fixed KGen engine, as people still seem to have trouble with it.
For the PC gamers out there, I have been spending some time working on the basis of a Diablo II savegame engine (because I've been playing that a LOT - if you're on the European Realm, feel free to say hi - my account name's Zastai).

What Was New?

Well, the first beta release of the rewrite is available, and it's only a month late. Higher education is a bitch.
It should be quite stable (although the SIGILL bug might be back). Please do report any bugs you find.

Miscellaneous Info

A list of users is available.
A progress report of the re-write can also be consulted.
I'm working on a manual for GenEdit (in HTMLHelp format), which can also be consulted on-line here.


  • The current state of the rewrite: GenEdit 6.6.6 (Beta).
  • The latest version of the program: GenEdit 2.03c.
  • The bugfixed KGen engine: KGen 1.01.
  • The last released non-plugin version: GenEdit 1.08.
  • Contacting the author

    Zastai is patiently awaiting any comments and/or bug reports you care to send. Any mail is considered good mail, provided it's either in some form of the English language, or in Dutch. Mails in a language I don't understand will be sent to the bit bucket.