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The purpose of this section is to provide links to file, utilites and even hardware that relates to the console emulation theme.

Console cables
Sellers on connectors to connect your Console gamepads to your PC.


  • SNESPad A site with information on building your own SNEs adaptor.

    Display App
    In order to get take advantage of higher resolution modes in most DOs based emulators, you will need a video driver. Below are links to generial purpose Video Drivers

  • SciTech Display Doctor

  • FTP (File Trasnfer Protocal) Clients
    Though unlikly, some sites have files that can only be accessed using an FTP client.

  • WSFTP (Recommended to beginners)
  • CuteFTP (Recommened to knowledgeable FTP users.)

    If you want to chat on IRC, you will an IRC client. I highly recommend mIRC for an FTP client.

    JoyStick Emulators
    Programs that make your Joystick act like a keyboard for emulaators with no gamepad support.

  • Directo Pad Pro 98
  • JoyEMU
  • JoyKeys
  • SnesKey
  • CartXXX
  • PAD

    Rom copier sites

  • Program extension
  • DOS32
  • DOS4GW
  • Direct-X

  • Transmition Resumption
    Plug-in to that lets you resume the transmission of a file if you get cut-off. NS 4.0+ and IE 4.02+ have support for this build-in nowadays.

  • GetRight (Lets you resume downloads after being cutoff. )

    Most files you get off the 'Net are compressed to allow for faster transmissions and smaller storage of an archive. The .ZIP format is the one format you will encounter 99.9% of the time.

  • Winzip (.ZIP and .ARJ format archives. Recommended.)
  • Pkzip (DOS) (.ZIP format archives)
  • WINRAR (.RAR format archives. Rare)
  • PKUNZIP for Win32 (Command line) (.ZIP format archives)

    I you have a site or know of one that fits any one of these categories, then send me a URL at

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