Lock-on Technology Hacking Guide
Reference Material

Generial Tech Documents
Genesis Hardware Internals Doc - A great document that explains the pin settings of a SEGA Genesis cart.

Bank Switch - Explains the workings of the key circuitry in the S&K cart. (Wolan)

CartDump - Explains how to fool the S&K ROM into allowing you to access the hidden ROM module. (Rizzo)

Addresses of Interest - Some interesting memory locations you might want to take a peak at. (Saxman)

Genesis ROM Header Documents
Genesis ROM Header Table - A quick sheet that explains the format of the Genesis ROM header.

Lanchtool's Genesis ROm Header Doc - Talks about the ROM header formats, and ROM file formats and more.

S&K Cart/Circuit Board Scans
S&K Cart scan (front) - Scan of the front side of the S&K cart.(Rizzo)

S&K Cart Scan (rear) - Scan of the back side of the S&K cart.(Rizzo)

S&K Cart/Circuit Board Schematics
S&K Schematics(Full) - A complete schematics of the key components that play a rule is the Lock-On Technolgy.(Rizzo)

S&K Schematics(Mini) - For those that want to venture on their own without all the help.(Rizzo)

Dirty ROM Info - (New) Some insite about my "Dirty ROM" theory from Edd SonicSound.

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