Saturday, 04/28/2001

Dragon Warrior 7
If you're a regular visitor of Enix's website, you've probably noticed that lately it had some movies. If you were a bit more curious, you would also have noticed that each one had a different filename. If you're into conspiracy theories, you probably joined all those filenames and formed a sentence... "if you can figure out what this is for you are truly worthy of the title dragon warrior". Why is this important, anyway? Well, it was a preparation for Enix's announcement... Dragon Warrior 7 will have a North American release and it'll happen this fall!
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Wednesday, 04/25/2001

Phantasy Star On-Line 2
It's confirmed, the sequel to the famous multiplayer RPG for Dreamcast is going to hit the US. This also explains the downtime affecting the servers since yesterday. According to Sega of America, they need to be upgraded. This situation will last till Friday (27th of April, if my calculations are correct :) ). No release date has been set... anyway, if you happen to live in Japan, you're a bit luckier... there, the game will be available on the 31st of May, as planned.
Posted by JediMaster at 17:39

Monday, 04/23/2001

The category is: patch for an unknown RPG
Hmmmmmmmm... I've never heard of it, but its creators have released a patch for it. Well, if by any chance, any of you is a proud owner of the strategic RPG King of Dragon Pass, by A Sharp, we are happy to inform you that you can download your patch, either for the Macintosh or the PC version, here.
Posted by ExAlpha at 18:19

Friday, 04/20/2001

Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy IV
Here's a little question for you... what do Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy IV have in common, apart from being both made by Squaresoft? Nothing? Wrong! They will be part of a new CD compilation called Final Fantasy Chronicles that will be released in the US for Playstation. Start saving around 40 USD, you'll need'em in July. Although I don't really see why would someone join these two games in a CD and call it Final Fantasy Chronicles, american players will probably enjoy this compilation, since these are the enhanced Playstation releases (with extra sequences and better sound).
Posted by JediMaster at 19:54

Thursday, 04/19/2001

A new Britannia shall rise!
Richard “Lord British” Garriot, creator of the Ultima series, is set to return to game development. In a recent interview with Computer Games Online, Richard revealed he is planning to create a new company and return to work. Starr Long, his right-hand on the last Ultima games, will be joining him, but further details about this are yet to be announced.
But, alas!, Ultima fans, get your eyes on this... When asked about what would happen to this series, after EA's decision to ditch production of the sequel to Ultima Online, Richard answered: “I am Lord British. A new Britannia shall rise!”
Read the full interview just right here.

Posted by ExAlpha at 15:06

Tuesday, 04/17/2001

New game ships => Evil Islands
A new game from Ravensburger Interactive (the same that created Rage of Mages) was shipped today. Evil Islands : Curse of the Lost Souls is now in a store near you...
This PC game combines the tactical combat with RPG features, in a game with a non-linear plot with over 80 quests. With over 20 different game locations, a 3D engine with real time weather and support for multiplayer over a LAN or the Internet, this game is one more title to add to your shop list this Easter.

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Monday, 04/16/2001

Patching up!
If you've got Asheron's Call, head on to the MSN Gaming Zone because there's a cute little 76 MegaBytes patch for you to download :).
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Sunday, 04/15/2001

X-Box gets a strategic RPG
Takuyo, the Japanese software house behind Dreamcast's Ring Age, has announced the release of a strategy-based RPG, in the line of titles like Ogre Battle and Shining Force. With some staff members who also worked on this Sega title, a lot is expected from this game. The release date has been set for a bit before Christmas this year.
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Saturday, 04/14/2001

Staff needed!
Are you a RPG fan? Are you willing to be a part of RPG Channel? Then join us today! We're currently looking for news posters and reviewers, although any other form of support can also be discussed. Just send us an e-mail saying what you'd like to do! Be part of something, be part of RPG Channel! (did that sound cool or what? :) Contact us!)
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Friday, 04/13/2001

Wanted: lightning gamers!
Silver Lightning Software, an australian software house, is looking for beta-testers to its new game - Ancient Evil: The Curse of the Snake Cult. And what have we got here? It's a isometric-view RPG where you assume the body of a royal guard. Your king has been murdered by someone in the Ophilia Sect snake-worshipping secret society, and you must hunt them down. If you want to lay your hands on the beta version in order to test it, you must have:
- 32MB RAM;
- 3D accelerated graphics card with 4Mb of RAM;
- 85 MB hard disk space;
- A DirectX compliant PC;
- Pentium PC 200MHZ or faster;
- Windows 95 or higher.
Then you can send an e-mail to . For more details, feel free to visit their website.

Posted by ExAlpha at 17:59

Thursday, 04/12/2001

Metal Dungeon
The japanese boys and girls from Panther Software have announced that they're working on an action RPG for Microsoft's X-Box. No release date as been set, but more details should appear in the next few months.
Posted by JediMaster at 18:06

Wednesday, 04/11/2001

Final Fantasy 10
If you happen to be in Japan in July, you may notice the release of Final Fantasy 10 for the PS2. Yep, you're right, Squaresoft has announced the official release date for their newest title in the (way freaking) long RPG saga (hmmm... if the Fantasy was Final, why did it had sequels? :) ). If you live in the US, expect to only see this title available in November or December. By the way, if you're also a Coca-Cola fan, consider yourself lucky! Coke and Square will continue their partnership... which will cause the appearance of Final Fantasy's characters in Coke cans. Ok, maybe that isn't really interesting... but I'm sure there are some collectors among you who will buy all the cans available as soon as they appear on the shops :).
Posted by JediMaster at 17:55

Tuesday, 04/10/2001

Mac gets Summoner
So, you're one of those unfortunate people who bought a Mac and can't get rid of it, uh? Well, good news for you! GraphSim has announced that Summoner for Mac is about to enter the beta testing stage. Although they have decided not to advance a release date, they estimate that their internal beta testing team will finish this stage very soon (which isn't always good news... because with a small team of testers and a short amount of time, lots of bugs will probably show up in the final version).
Posted by JediMaster at 18:29

Monday, 04/09/2001

Can you spell "useless"?
Microsoft has released today a "Dungeon Siege Fan Site Kit". What is it? It's simply a Kit for those who wish to make a website about this game... it contains 10 in-game screenshots, 4 concept art pictures, 12 rendered character images, biographies of the development team and logos. If you wish to order, head on to the official Dungeon Siege website. Now, my question is... will anyone actually order it? :) Post your replies in our Message Board.
Posted by JediMaster at 18:07

Sunday, 04/08/2001

Rune Sword II
Crosscut's RPG will be released in May. Published by Shrapnel Games, this title will come with two one-player adventures, three mini-campaigns and both an editor and an automatic quest generator.
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Saturday, 04/07/2001

Arx Fatalis
Arkane Studios' RPG has found a publisher! Seems like that Fishtank Interactive will be publishing this first person RPG, being the release scheduled to happen in early October.
Posted by JediMaster at 17:32

Friday, 04/06/2001

Cheaper than an Iron Armour!
Sony Entertainment has announced the release (or should we say re-release) of the original Everquest for 9.99 USD. According to their marketing analysts, this will "appeal to casual gamers allowing them to experience the world of Norrath for the first time".
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Thursday, 04/05/2001

Diablo II add-on beta testing
Blizzard announced that will be needing 2500 beta testers for their upcoming add-on for Diabo II. The requirements are:
-owning of the original Diablo II game
-age 17 years or older
If you want to sign up to become one of these beta-testers, you can apply here.

Posted by DarkPhantom at 19:47

Wednesday, 04/04/2001

Harvest Moon III
Although I can't understand why, there are many Harvest Moon fans out there. If, for some reason unknown to mankind, you are one of them... start planning on purchasing a PS2, because the third game of this saga is coming. Not much is known about this sequel other than it will quite probably have both a Japanese and American release and will quite likely appear on other systems as well.
Posted by JediMaster at 18:54

Tuesday, 04/03/2001

Suikoden III
Konami has decided to use the Tokyo Game Show to release more information about their upcoming PS2 RPG. After almost one year since it was first mentioned, they have shown a trailer and announced a probable release date: Winter of 2001. Not much but should be enough for the Suikoden fans out there.
Posted by JediMaster at 18:10

Monday, 04/02/2001

Breathe again...
You can breathe deeply now, the news we posted yesterday were a big fat lie, only an April fool's joke... Square was not bought by Microsoft, and NO-ONE in my family works at M$... Thank goodness! :-)
The only true part of the article is about Chrono Trigger. It's a damn great game, and you can find it in the usual place: here, the RPG Channel!
A fine April for all of you!
Ex-Alpha, over and out.

Posted by ExAlpha at 17:50

Sunday, 04/01/2001

Shocking news!
Ok, probably this will shock some of you, while others won't be at all surprised. Everyone knows that Microsoft has an aggressive market beahviour, but this time they've probably gone too far... and so have Squaresoft. We have just learned from a very secure source (one of my relatives works at MS) that Bill Gates' company has bought the sucessfull japanese software house! Like usually, if you can't do better, you buy them, and once again, Bill Gates uses his money to buy the best. The fee paid is around 700 million (!) USD and the business should be concluded by tomorrow. You all know what this means... No more great RPG's for your Playstations 2... All upcoming titles will only be released for X-Box and PC platforms.
I must say that it sure was a great move. They bought the best. Squaresoft have done spectacular RPG's, like, for example, my favourite, SNES' Chrono Trigger. You can read its review here, and download it here. Bye Square...
Ex-Alpha, over and out.

Posted by ExAlpha at 06:57

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