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Chrono Trigger - Super Nintendo
Crono's room Reviewed By
Reviewed by JediMaster
Leene Square
I'm a big Dragonball's fan and when I heard that there was a game with graphics by Akira Toriyama (Dragonball's creator) I did everything I could to get my hands on it. And my efforts would be rewarded...
It's impossible not to think about Dragonball when playing Chrono Trigger. The hero (Crono) looks like a younger version of Trunks and some of his magics are similar to those of the famous manga cartoon. And there are some scenes that remind us DBZ's environment, like when Cyrus and Glenn talk in the bridge at the sunset. If you get there, you'll know what I'm talking about. But let's move on with the review. The characters are amazingly detailed and the scenarios are also very good, some of them even passing other games from superior systems (just take a look to the sunset scene and you'll know what I'm talking about). There's not much to say here... the graphics are amazing!
The sound department can be splitted into two parts: sound effects and musics. The sound effects are kind of weak. They're not up to the rest of the game. But the musics make us forget this. It's a rare occasion to find games that introduce such fantastic songs so well in the game. Music plays an important role in the game, increasing the game's environment. Sometimes you'll find yourself frozen, doing nothing, just to listen to the musics.
The playability is good. Personally, I don't like this battle system, but that's a personal opinion. If you already have played the Final Fantasy saga you'll feel at home, the battle system is quite similar. As for the pad response, it's good. Moving in the global map can sometimes be boring, cause the diagonals don't work there, but when you enter in some place all is solved. The in-game menus are well organized and are quite instinctive. You won't have any problems playing it.
Finally, the story. The main story is simple: you have to defeat Lavos. But as you play you will sometimes forget your main objective, while you're lost in sideline-stories. And this is the best bit of the game. You will travel through different eras, sometimes changing history. I must admit that I had never felt so absorbed by a story. And the way the music gets into the game... it's hard to move away and stop playing. The playable characters also give a contribution to this. They're well implemented in the game, making everything a lot more real and interesting.
Concluding, this is one of the best RPGs available. The story combined with the graphics and the musics, allied with a good playability are certain to bring hours of game to all. And if you're a Dragonball fan you have no excuse to let this game go. Just play it!

Score: 95%