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    TG16 Game of the month 
    Name: BloodyWolf
    Year: 1990
    Type: Platform
    Developer:  DataEast

    Psyco Meter®

    Game Play:7 
    Graphics: 8 
    Sound: 7 
    challange: 8 
    Fun Factor: 9 

    Download BloodyWolf (210k) 
    Overview:  bloodywolf is a side scrolling shootem up that is sure to provide many hours of enjoyment!
    the dificulty varies from stage to stage most stages are fairly easy till you reach the boss...then hes a pain! You might have to continue a few times on one of the bigger boss's...but rember every boss has a pattern figure it out and its easy as pie!
    I give this game a big thumbs up it was one of my first games i owned and i enjoyed it very much!

    Having trouble getting through the game? 
    here is a list of tricks tips and cheats"if any" for the game of the month.