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12/27/1998 - Sunday .
Secrets of Sonic
  • Update! - The secrets of Sonic the Hedgehog page has been updated. And they now have a messageboard!!! Check it out!

    12/24/1998 - Thursday .
    'Net Based Radio Show Canceled
  • Hired Radio Personality Fired - After speaking with the person who was suppost to do the 'Net based radio show in person, I realized that the person I was hiring has their mind in the gutter. I would be foolish to allow someon e to run an emulation-based radio show who had absolutly no heart in covering emulation based topics. The person in question would rather run the show like a cheap, immoral, music show, then a free format emulation based radio show. This proposed format is completely out of the question, considering that this type of show would clash with the 'Zone's content. So, say good-bye to our proposed Real Audio 'Net show. :-(

    12/24/1998 - Thursday .
    Under reconstruction
  • Its that time again! - We will be restructing the 'Zone over the next few weeks. The purpose of this restructuring is to make the 'Zone a more valuable resource to the Emulation Community, and to help distinquish us from all the "copy cat" emu sites that are poping up.

  • Get well soon! - As you might of heard alredy, Geechyguy got hit by a drunk driver and was sent to a hospital a week or so ago. Last I heard was that he is in serious condition. The 'Zone would like to wish Geechyguy a speedy recovery and we hope he sues the fuck out that asshole how got him into that position. Especially if your given the fact that something like a drunk driver could of been prevented.

    Staff Update
  • Rand - The 'Zone would like to welcome Rand to the staff. Rand will be incharge of creating some CGI scripts to help automate the "What's New" and "WEMU" sections of the site.
  • He's back? - An former staff memeber of the 'Zone might be returning. I won't say who it is yet, but I'll anncouce who it is if he decides he's really up to the task or not.
  • MimeSlayer to Join the 'Zone - The webmaster of MimeSlayer's Emulation (MSE), MimeSlayer, might be joining the 'Zone. Specifics have yet to be ironed out, but expect an update shortly.
  • Nanak to Join the 'Zone - Nanak has agreed to start an IRC channel and page for the 'Zone. Again, specifics are still being ironed out. Expect more info shortly.

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