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Sonic Adventure Movie Clip
To anyone wanting to fill their harddrive with miscolanious movies, stop by the SSRG site and pcik-up an MPEG movie I made from the US Sonic Adventure game.
Sonic Adventure MPEG

SSRG Now in Spanish in French!
It was only a matter of time, but the Sonic Stuff Research Group (SSRG) can now be read in Spanish and French. (Mirrors done by Wiseman and JFT, respectivly.) And no, this is not a crappy BabbleFish mirror either. These mirrors are done by a live human being, so be sure to tell all your non-English speaking friends! The Italian mirror is slated sometime after the middle of August.

And to those that are not aware, parts of the 'Zone have already been trasnlated to Italian and French. Be sure to visit the according mirror links at the top of the main page of the 'Zone for more information.


Translation Central: Seiken 3!!!!
Translation Central

TC Guy Returns! No injuries reported!

Translation Central has updated!! Sorry guys, I'm not dead yet! =-}

Translation Central

Transweird Translations finishes its move
we've moved in!
Transweird Translations
(Ash Got'em)

New trans group moves to emuzone
Hey all. i'm Ash Got'em, leader of Transweird Translations. we are translating the super game of life, and battle dodgeball. we are also moving to the emuzone!yay!

(Ash Got'em)


FTP Server Down, Expect Delays
The FTP server for which we access the site is going haywire. Until the Brain, our admin, gets things settled, we don't have a means to connect to the server. In the mean time, don't be surprised if your favorite section is not updated as often as it normal. We hope to have the problem settled shortly, so please bear with us for the moment. Thanks!

I Have Not Disapeared!
I go for one weekend and all hell breaks loose! (Well, not entirely.) Some people are confused on why I havn't replied so promptly like normal. Well, I was out for the weekend and far far away from the computer, trying to live a normal life. I apologize for trying to have a life.... come-on, this is ridulus!! :-)

I'll get to everyone shortly. Just don't go crazy if I havn't gotten to your email message in a day or two. (Worry if I havn't gotten to you by Wednesday.) So sit tight... I'm only human!


Magitek RPG Section Updated
I have added four new pages to the Times and Places section of the Chrono Trigger Pages. With them the 1000AD is almost completed. I have also restyled most of the HTML under the whole Magitek so it is now more lightweight and easier to maintain. There is a price to pay for this, in this case the loss of compatibility with "3rd generation" browsers, like IE 3.0 and Netscape 3. But i guess that's a just a small price since those browsers are less and less supported today.
Magitek RPG

YnT Closes It's Doors
The YnT section has shut-down since the team members have gone their own separite ways. But, there will be a nice consilation prize to all the fans.... read all about it in the YnT page!
Yokin no Translators

Sonic 2000 Update
The Sonic 2000 page has been updated with a 3D alpha demo of the new 3D engine. It still in it's very early stages, so don't expect much, but it shoul dgive you a feeling of how the game's progress will turn over the next few months from a 2D game to a 3D game.
Sonic 2000

The virtual domain name of http://ssrg.emulationzone.org should be available to all people on the net now, as the DNS entry has had two days to propagated around the net. If it's still unavailable at where you live, wait a day. It could be that your ISP did not update it's DNS list yet. Also, I posted a report on my investigation on Andre Dirk and the email bombing incident on the SSRG main page, so check it out. Be warned: it's not spell checked! (I don't have the time.)

Where did the Sonic Stuff Research Group, SOSTH, Simons Sonic 2 Beta page, etcWhere did Sonic Stuff Research Group, SOSTH, Simons Sonic 2 Beta page, etc, go??
Where did the Sonic Stuff Research Group, SOSTH, Simons Sonic 2 Beta page, etc go? Well, they are still on the 'Zone. We moved the sction to http://ssrg.emulationzone.org. Unfortunatly, the new domain name has not probigated through all the world's DNS servers yet. (I think that's the reason.) In any event, it shoul dbe back up shortly. We appolgize for the problems.

To make up for it, we will have a new layout for the SSRG main page. :-)

No More Secrets!! (Well, sort of)
Everyone's favourite site, 'Secrets of Sonic the Hedgehog', has left the Emulation Zone server and move onto greener pastures. It is on a temporary server during the move, so use http://secretsonic.cjb.net to see the latest on the move. There was some controversy over why the site was down for a few days. It's all been sorted out now (let's just say that someone was faking some E-mails).Even bigger news, though, is that thanks to the kind donation of FTP space by SOSTH fans, the ROM section will be returning (with G-Sonic following) and an incredible MP3 section to blow your mind! And maybe more..MUCH MORE!!
Secrets of Sonic the Hedgehog

Aggiornato Mirror Italiano / Italian Mirror Updated -- Home Page
La versione italiana della home page di Emulation Zone e' stata aggiornata rispetto alla versione in inglese. The italian mirror of the home page of Emulation Zone is now up to date with the english version.
Italian Mirror -- Home Page

Chrono Trigger Pages @ Magitek Updated : 600 AD Map now online
I've been away for awhile 'cause i had some trouble setting up my new machine the best way. Now that's all up and running well i can come back to work. And what was a pain before now is a breeze with this "monster" i have under my fingers.
The first product out is this brand new 600AD map, which i and Mickey will fill soon with new locations, starting from those connected to the events in 1000A.D.

Also i started a global retouch (i hope this is the last) of the HTML underneath the pages of the Magitek. Currently all the Times and Places section have been rewritten, and the rest of the Chrono Trigger Pages will follow soon.
Magitek RPG Section / Chrono Trigger Pages