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Signing Off...

This is Lorsua, the Playstation and Genesis maintainer, speaking. Over the last few months I have been finding it harder and harder to find the time to update the sections due to uncontrollable circumstances. I hate to have to do this, but I am officially resigning as the maintainer of those sections. Although I will no longer be maintaining them, I will still be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the emulators, but please, please, please, no asking for roms or other copyrighted materials. Once again, thanks to all of the Emulation Zone staff and visitors for making this time such a good one!

This is Lorsua, signing off.

PSX and Genesis Sections

New reviews and Chrono Trigger stuff at Magitek RPG
Lots of things happened this month in the Magitek RPG section: ZeldaX posted a couple of new reviews, namely Final Fantasy 3 and Lufia 2. One of our staff memebers, Diablo, decided to leave and have been replaced by Mickey, the italian translator of Chrono Trigger. With his help we added a lot of new pages to the Chrono Trigger Research Project, and we are continuing to add at a steady pace. Finally the whole section is *slowly* under restyle with the use of CSS. Check it out !
Magitek RPG

Translation Central News Flash: Seiken 3!
Now you all have a new reason to visit Translation Central. Why? Seiken Densetsu 3's English Translation. Want some pics in progress? Don't believe me? Click the link below and prepare to be winded!
Translation Centra

New possitions Avaliable
3 positions on the 'Zone staff just became avaliable:

  • N64 and Neo-Geo Section Maintainer - The guys that were running the sections decided to give up these sections to focus on the other ones they were working on. We will be revamping the format of the console sections, so basically, you'll be stating with a clean slat to mold from if you decided to take one of these sections. If you are interested in fun and challenging (ask me and you'll know why) project for the summers, this is the one for you!
  • Rom Hacking Section Maintainer - You'll be in charge of keeping a listing of ROM hacking and editing app, along with providing a "how-to" guide to generial ROM hacking. I'm making this offer public first rather then asking the staff first because I want to give an outside a chance for once. :-)
    If you are interested in any of these position, let me know by email, using the link below.
    E-mail NO CARRIER

    EmuLinks->Fanfare sectio finally updated!
    Switched the EmuLinks->Fanfare section over to the new template format. Added some sites, and changed the NES Based Console section name to Nintendo Console Based section name.

    SonEd Updated
    I've updated SonEd with a bug fix for offsets sega used, which seem to be a weak attempt at 'encoding' object placement, and a nifty feature described on the page. the page is also completely changed, to hold info on other current and upcoming features. go have a look if your bored, and if your not.. do it anyway! :P
    SonEd HomePage

    Hacked Sonic 1 -> Sonic 1 Beta?
    Screenshots can be hoaxes, but can an actual ROM be a hoax? Yes. Cyan Helkaraxe spent many hours to hack the Sonic 1 ROM to make it look like a beta. The ROM features old zone names (e.g. Sparkling Zone) in stage select, Green Hill Zone at night and more. Go check it out :) Next time when you see a "beta ROM" of any game, you'll have to ask yourself twice: Can it be a hoax?
    SW's Sonic 2 Beta Page

    Area51 up
    Hello, just wanted to tell you Area51 is up and running. In case you didn't know, it's a Sonic-Secret page which has moved to EmulationZone from ARNES, my previous host. If anything goes well, it should be updated at least once a week. And, I'm waiting to recieve something that may prove as an interesting bit of Sonic history. I won't tell what it is, but it will be posted on Area51 as soon as possible. That's all!
    It's here!
    (J. Abaza)

    Sorry, all
    I have weighed you down too much. Too many things are going on, too many projects are needed to be made, etc... I am officially resigning as french mirror translator. I have thought long and hard and I would just be slowing down the progress of a great site. You are a great team and support a great site. Andy has always been patient with me but I never was able to pull through. I will continue to come visit the 'Zone cuz I still think it's kickass;) Sorry for the disappointment, and thanx fer the patience.
    section name

    SonEd v0.001a - The First Sonic 2 Editor!!!
    SonEd, the Sonc 2 editor everyone has been waiting for has been released in it's alpha form! Not much to expect from it yet, but go ahead and check it out! So far it has sprite placement editing in Emerald Hill 1. It gives useful debugging info for developers and hackers such as myself! You can order now and get a free surprise bonus along with free updates to the editor when the final version is done.
    SonEd Page

    TransBRC on the Bubble!
    TransBRC, the NES Dragon Ball people, might be seeing a closing before the NES Dragon Ball Z is completed. Blibber, the leader of TransBRC, is considering a permanent leave. Read more about it at TC!
    Translation Central

    Sonic Stuff REsearch Group Expansion
    The Sonic Stuff REsearch Group (SSRG) will be expending shortly to including hacking information for Sonic 1, 3 and S&K. These pages will be maintained by the maintainer of the Sonic 2 hacking guide, Saxman.

    Also, Area 51, another popular SOnic ROM hacking site, will be joining the SSRG team shortly. And last but not least, I'm still waiting for a reply from one of our newest memeber to get their page about a "Top Secret" discovery up and running.

    Expect a facelife to occur on the SSRG page sometime next month. (It really needs one.)

    Translation Central Stuff....
    'Kay...A brand-new Super Bonk 2 patch......a bigger font for the date (Just cuz it looks cool that way), and a call to all those interested in helping me with a ROM......
    Translation Central

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    section name
    (Your Alias)

    Finals Emanate
    It's getting to that time of the school year: Final Exams! Expect a slow-down on this and other emulator pages to occur during the month of May. We will continue to update this site whenever we can, but not in the same timely fashion as before, so donít be alarmed: we have not abandoned the site. :-)
    Expect things to get back to normal after the half-way point in May. For me, that will be May 21.