What Was New In GenEdit 2.03?

Changes From Version 2.03b To Version 2.03c
  • The SIGILL crashes have very likely been fixed (at last!).
  • Found some more fields in the WarHammer: Dark Omen files.
  • Web Page: Andrew Wolan may be hosting a home page for GenEdit soon as part of his Emulation Zone project.
    An URL will be posted as soon as this is ready; the current page will remain available though.
  • The HTML user list is now auto-generated.

    Changes From Version 2.03a To Version 2.03b
  • The SIGILL crashes may finally have been fixed.
  • Upgraded MIDAS to 1.1.2. IT files should be played much better now.
  • Added support for WarHammer: Dark Omen savegames (army file support will follow).
  • Implemented Inventory and Equipment editing for PSII savegames.
    I had completely forgotten to finish this.
  • Some improvement to handling of files specified on command-line.
  • I'm experimenting with graphical stuff and proper mouse handlers.
    After 2.04 is released I will see if I can give GenEdit a consistent graphical GUI.
    Since this will mean major rewrites, expect a serious time gap between 2.04 and 2.05.
    Watch this space for updates.

    Changes From Version 2.03 To Version 2.03a
  • Added Final Fantasy VII (PC Version) support.
  • GenEdit goes graphical!
    You can preview the images (*.tex) in the .lgp files in glorious VESA TrueColor (if you don't have VESA, not-so-glorious 256-color ModeX is used).
    Note: PageUp/PageDown switch palettes for multi-palette TEX files.
  • Includes a utility to convert .tex files to other formats.
  • 'gen-edit <dir>' will now browse that directory instead of complaining.
  • The directory browsed on startup is now the current directory, not the directory where the program resides.
  • The default audio file is now 'ProgramDir/ProgramName.dat' instead of 'gen-edit.dat'.
    This means it will be found even if GenEdit is invoked through "drive:\path\ProgramName.exe"

    Changes From Version 2.02 To Version 2.03
  • Multiple modules in a single plug-in are now supported.
  • Added Might & Magic VI support.
  • AD&D: WOES support is intended (dummy engine included).
  • Unused plug-ins (ie outdated or redundant ones) are now freed upon startup to save memory.