What Is GenEdit?

GenEdit was originally conceived as an editor for savegames created by various Genesis/MegaDrive tools. This included savegames from the GenEm, KGen and GeneCyst emulators, as well as S-RAM files dumped by the SMD.
It originated from two game-specific editors (for Shining Force I and II). Since both shared a significant amount of code, I merged them. When support for Phantasy Star IV was added, it could hardly still be called Shining Force Editor, so the name was changed to GenEdit (with the Gen standing for Genesis).
Version 2.03 first incorporated support for non-Genesis savegames (ie Final Fantasy VII savegames). Version 2.03a included support for some non-savegame file types.
Version 2.1.0 was the result of some major re-writing and offered much more generic file support by including a hex editor (albeit a fairly simple one). The Gen in GenEdit should now be interpreted as Generic, rather than Genesis.