Known Bugs In GenEdit

Alas, GenEdit isn't a perfect application. A list of known bugs and problems follows:

SubmitterProblem Description
General Issues
Zastai Users Who Can't Read
A major bug in GenEdit's user system has been located. As it seems, many people mailing me don't mention the version number of their copy of GenEdit, severely impairing the support engine.
It is believed a lack of reading skill is at the root of this problem.
Zastai SIGILL Crashes
People using non-Pentium and/or non-Intel processors may find that GenEdit crashes upon startup, listing a SIGILL exception (Illegal Instruction) as the cause. The problem here doesn't lie with GenEdit itself, but rather with the compiler I use (gcc). As it seems, if the compiler itself isn't compiled using only i486 instructions, it will generate non-i486 opcodes regardless of command-line options passed to it. Obviously, this will pose problems on systems that don't support those instructions.
This problem was believed solved when version 2.03c was released; however, due to its nature it may resurface at any time (ie when I recompile the compiler or use a new library).
Zastai The XXX Engine doesn't support YYY
Most likely support for YYY isn't yet implemented in the XXX engine. Use element-list-mode (gen-edit -L) and see if YYY is listed as being supported.
If it's supposed to be supported, and you can't get it to work, tell me about it.
Audio Issues
Zastai Incomplete Wave File Support
Although the SEAL-based sound engine now supports playback of wave files, larger files will not be played completely. This seems to be a limitation of the SEAL library.
This MAY only be an issue for SB Live! users; I can only use my own system for reference.
Zastai SB Live! Compatibility Issues
At the time of this writing, the version of the MIDAS library I use (1.1.2) doesn't know how to cope with the SoundBlaster Live!'s SB16 emulation and will halt the computer (at least it does on my system).
Unlike MIDAS (and most DOS sound apps), SEAL uses the Live!'s SB16 emulation perfectly.
Zastai SB AWE32/64 Compatibility Issues
SEAL will use native mode if it finds an AWE card. If SEAL can't load music files due to too little DRAM, you should either switch to using MIDAS or configure SEAL to use a SoundBlaster Pro. In the latter case, you'll only hear sound at 8bit 22KHz due to limitations in the SEAL library (it will treat your card as a basic SoundBlaster Pro instead of seeing it for the SB16 it really is).