Xtended SPC

SNES SPC700 music player for Windows9X/NT

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Xtended SPC v2.25

Player updates:
- fixed the tray icon popup menu bug
- IDX6 tag is now supported
- playback rates > 44KHz

Visualization updates:
- new spectrum analyser
- new waveform analyser
- smooth blur FX
- 5 internal warp FXs

SPC700 emulator core updates:
- AntiRes' SNESAPU v0.92 (03/10/2001)

Xtended SPC v2.24

Player updates:
- analyser speed hack
- removed fade speed control
- removed save output as WAVE file (it was a lame feature anyway)

SPC700 emulator core updates:
- AntiRes' SNESAPU v0.91 (02/20/2001)

Xtended SPC v2.23

Xtended SPC v2.22

Xtended SPC v2.21

Xtended SPC v2.20

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