The follow website was taken from "Planet Pointy", which was located at Unfortunately, the site no longer exist.

Since I feel that "Wolf Chat Speak" is the BEST add-on for Return to Castle Wolfenstein, and that no one seems to carry this app anymore, I've decided to post a mirror of the site. Enjoy!

Send all emails to me: wacko Att emulationzone d0Tt org.

Wolf Chat Speak v1.01


Wolf chat speak converts all in game chat text into speech using the MS text to speech engine. The voice is fully customizable, you can alter speed,  and volume.  You can choose which voice you use, if you have more than one speech engine installed. You can also use the custom dictionary to change pronunciations of words/ abbreviations.

Click here  for a sound sample.



Win 9x,2k,XP

If your are not sure if you have SAPI 5 installed, do a search for "sapi.dll", and check the version number, should be at least 5. Also you will have a Speech Panel in the control panel area. Win XP has the Microsoft Sam voice installed by default.

If you already have SAPI 5 & a speech engine installed you can download the min install version.  If you have Win XP and want the 2 extra voices, download the FullXP version. All other cases you will have to download the Full9x version


The program is Freeware, and may be freely distributed as long as all files remain intact and unmodified.

Trouble Shooting

If your are having trouble getting the chat to work at all, even in the options screen. Then please check and make sure you have SAPI 5 files and a compliant speech engine installed.

If you get no speech in game , make sure the you have console logging turned on, either permanently or via a bound key. Check your autoexec.cfg file is correct. If console logging is working (you should have the rtcwconsole.log file in your main folder) then it probably means your soundcard is not up to the job, I have a SB Live card here, and have successfully run Wolf Chat Speak, with the game, even while running Roger Wilco at the same time.

Version 1.01 fixes problems with no speech in game when running under Win98/ME.

Any other problems, then drop me a mail.


7.3 MB Full setup for Win 9x,2k

5.2 MB Full setup for Win XP

1.8 MB Min setup for Win 9x,2k,XP File corrupt... sorry

43 KB Patch 1.00 to 1.01

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