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PTNet offers some services that can be useful. To take full advantage of these services I advise you to read this FAQ. This may also help you solving some problems.
  1. Whenever I join PTNet a new query window opens!
    That's just an automatic welcoming message from PTNet.
  2. My nick changes to GuestXXXXXX after some time!
    This happens because you're using a registered nick. PTNet has a cool Nickserv option that enables nick registration. If the nick was registered by you, simply identify yourself by writing
    • /nickserv identify password
  3. How do I register my nick?
    This is quite easy to do. First choose an un-registered nick. You'll know that you've chosen an un-registered nick if no red text appears after your choice. After that simply type
    • /nickserv register password
  4. I've done all that but I still can't identify myself!
    Some IRC clients (like BitchX) do not support these features. That can be fixed by adding "/quote" before these instructions (like I'm demonstrating below).
    • /quote nickserv identify password
    • /quote nickserv register password
  5. What's this Memoserv thing I've been hearing about?
    This is a cool service provided by PTNet. With it you can send and receive Memos through IRC. To use it you and the person receiving the memo must have registered nicks. To send a message all you need to do is type:
    • /memoserv send [nick] [message]
    To list your new memos just type
    • /memoserv list new
    There are two ways to read a memo. You can either read the last one you've received or choose a previous one
    • /memoserv read last
    • /memoserv read [memonumber]
  6. Why can't I DCC send an INI or EXE file?
    Due to the increasing amount of trojans and virus sent by IRC, PTNet has blocked the transfer of the following file types: INI, EXE, BAT and COM. If you really need to send such a file, change its extension or ZIP it. If you're receiving a file with this extension, take caution. If you don't trust the person sending the file, DON'T ACCEPT IT!