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Silver - PC
What a dragon!!! Reviewed By
Reviewed by JediMaster
Fighting in the dungeons
Infogrames was never my favourite software house. Their games are usually a display of cool graphics but they lack gameplay. And Silver is the most recent demonstration of that...
The first thing that annoyed me in this game was the instalation... it completely freaked out my DirectX controls. This may be due to an unfortunate bug, but it's quite a displeasure. But let's move to the game... The game's intro is sooooo boring that watching TV Shop can be more exciting. But it features some nice graphics (assuming that you can stay awake long enough).
Now the game itself. The graphics can be splitted into two parts... The scenarios are really great. But when a game uses a fixed camera (like this), the scenarios usually have this quality. I've also liked the athmospheric effects, like the rain and snow, since they are quite realistic. The characters, on the other hand, are a complete disaster. They look completely deformed at close range (not just pixelized... really deformed).
The sound is one of the best parts of the game. The musics provide some ambience and the sound effects are good (although some of the voices suffer from the "let's-hire-a-cheap-actor-to-do-it" syndrome). Either way, they improve the game's general quality.
Moving on, we have the most important thing on a game (and specially on a RPG): the gameplay. This game promised a lot more than it could offer... The battle mode, for example, is terrible and confusing. You'll end up moving the mouse randomly on some battles. A real time battle system needs a good control to succeed and Silver fails miserably here. As for moving the characters outside the battles, you won't have any problems... if you're experienced with graphical adventures. Silver doesn't have that RPG feeling, it's more like a graphical adventure with some battles in the middle. You find an item here, use it there... it's all too predictable. You'll be able to control up to six characters (three at the same time) but that doesn't add much to the gameplay. They have the same speed, the same blows, can use the same weapons... You won't notice many differences. As for the map... it's really small. While exploring dungeons you'll end up asking where are all the people. Conversations usually are an interesting part in a RPG, but here they pratically don't exist. One final remark goes to the lame save system. Unlike most RPGs, the savespots aren't fixed. After doing something important, the chronicler will appear to write your adventures (and save your game). But maybe because he's a shy guy, he doesn't appear often. Sometimes, a single mistake and you'll have to repeat what will look like decades of game.
Concluding, and as you probably have guessed, I've hated the game. It's because there's crap like this flying around that there are people who look at RPGs as boring games. There are better things where you can waste your money.

Score: 25%