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The Ice Ring is an alliance between RPG related homepages. Swordsman and I created it in order to exchange information between others who have pages about this topic. We now have ten members, all with superb homepages. But we are planning in inviting some more. And, if you want to join the Ice Ring, just send us an e-mail with the URL of your site and wait for our reply.
If you are already a member and want to place an Ice Ring banner in your page, then click here to see a list of all the banners available.
You can now join the Ice Ring RPG related mailing list. This is also the official PTNet's #rpg mailing list. Exchange information with other RPG fans, receive the latest news about RPGs and lots more. You can also send your messages to the list, so what are you waiting for? Fill in the form below, click on the "Join" button and join us today!
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These are the Ice Ring members:
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Swordsman (co-founder)
Pedro Amaro (co-founder)
Sir Fil