Thursday, 08/23/2001

I totally forgot!!! ARGGHH!!!!
Damn, I was going to post this like a month ago, but I totally spaced it off!! Stupid me. Anyway, in case you haven't heard, the Final Fantasy Movie DVD is due out on October 23, 2001. Now, I have a tough decision to make. Buy that, or the Terminator Special Edition DVD (due out October 2, 2001 by the way). Hmmmm.... I've been too Sega-crazed lately (Genesis+32x, Saturn, next thing i'm buying is a Sega CD :)) I guess that's why I forgot. ;)
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Tuesday, 08/14/2001

Dreamcast Pricedrop
Dreamcast is now $80 USD. Which is good. That means I can get my hands on one for a great price. Along with Virtua Fighter 3 :) Anyway, If you're the type that's been itching to play some Dreamcast RPG's, this is your big chance. I wonder if Skies of Arcadia is as good as they say.....
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Friday, 08/03/2001

I head to the store to buy my copy of Final Fantasy Tactics and....
"We'll be getting it in about a week" Huh? It was shipping on July 31st wasn't it? Well, turns out that Square's initial shipment of FFT was botched, and none of the discs would run in any console. Add this to the defective FFIV disc that came with the inital shipment of Final Fantasy Chronicles and Square's got some problems to solve (let's just hope that some FF haters don't figure this out, cause then they're opinion of FF will be even lower :( ) need more info? head to FF Online
Posted by Cloud121 at 00:47

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