Tuesday, 07/24/2001

FFXI Trailer
Final Fantasy X is out now in Japan!!! Now that that's over, it's time for FFIX news. Square has released a trailer for Final Fantasy XI, and it's incredible. Care to check it out? Head to RPG Zone
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Saturday, 07/21/2001

Anyone Interested in a FFX Demo?
Now I'm not sure whether it's a teaser trailer or an actual demo (let's hope for a demo), but hey, it's something. To get your hands on a copy, all you gotta do is purchase a copy of the FF Movie soundtrack, and you're done. Would you spend 15 - 20 bucks on a demo? I would. I mean afterall, thousands of Metal Gear fans spent 50 bucks on Z.O.E. for the MGS2 Demo. I say go for it. :)
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Thursday, 07/12/2001

The add-on add-on saga continues
It has happened again... Black Isle continues to expand Icewind Dale with a free add-on for the add-on known as Heart of Winter. This beauty is called Trials of the Luremaster, it's a 72MB download and requires Heart of Winter to be installed. It includes new monsters, quests, items, areas, portraits and several bug fixes, and, best of all, is available free of charge.
We here at RPG Channel care for you so much that we try to make your life as easy as possible, so - here, have a link to satisfy all your downloading frenzies.
And here, here, here, here and here - have some screenshots.
Ohh, yeah, I almost forgot: here and here you can read all about this new free release.

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Wednesday, 07/11/2001

Today's The Day
Today's the day we've been waiting for four years for Final Fantasy fans!! The FF movie is out! And judging from what I read in the newspaper, Ebert's a big fan of it (4 out 5 stars, and Two Big Thumbs Up :)) Head to the
Official Site to get more info (like you need any) :)

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