Tuesday, 05/29/2001

Star Ocean
Hey there! Been a while since our last update but things have been really mad around here... University projects, tests, exams, Planetarion... anyway, that's why we're looking for some more staff members, right? However, this post isn't about staff members but about Super Nintendo's Star Ocean... some of you already know it, some of you still aren't aware of it... but the ZSNES team was able to add support for this game on their amazing emulator! It still hasn't been released but they were kind enough to post some pictures on the ZSNES homepage so that we have something to drool on. :)
Posted by JediMaster at 10:45

Wednesday, 05/16/2001

Ok, this isn't really RPG related... but I've created a new game-related comic... it's kind of interesting because I can't draw :). If you're interested in checking out the result, head on to go.to/smeeks.
Posted by JediMaster at 18:01

Wednesday, 05/09/2001

Deus Ex GOTY Edition
It's got nothing to do with my nickname (Ex-Alpha comes from Street Fighter Ex+Alpha), but it's got Ex in its name... Deus Ex, that is. Eidos are now launching a Game of the Year Edition of this smash-hit action/RPG. It comes packed with a software development kit for all your mission-editing frienzies, a new deathmatch mode, an all-new Multiplayer mode and a CD with remixes of the game's music.

PS: Sorry about this recent lack of updates... Times are tough: DarkPhantom is facing some personal problems, our webmaster is busy with Planetarion :) and good-old Ex-Alpha here... well... let's say that the amount of work at university has been nothing short of obscene. So... do you wanna gives us a hand?...

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Tuesday, 05/08/2001

Staff Emergency!
As you've probably noticed, we're badly needed of some more staff members, mainly news posters and reviewers. Unfortunately, I have been terribly busy with important issues (*cof* Planetarion and University projects *cof*). The remaining staff members are also kind of tied up (or just feeling lazy :) ). So we need some more people to keep up the usual update rythm. If you're interested in joining us, send an e-mail to rpgchannel@hotmail.com. This is an unpaid task but... hey, it'll be fun! :)
Posted by JediMaster at 18:22

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