Saturday, 03/31/2001

Spiderweb releases new RPG
Ever heard about Avernum? Well..I don't...but it's a fact that Avernum 2 has been released today. This new Spiderweb RPG features many many characters to choose from and an extense world of tunnels and caverns to explore. With 16 bits-graphics and 3D rendered models, allied with a quite imersive plot, this game will maybe be the stuff you'll be talking with your friends while "better" things don't go gold. Want to see some screenshots and even download a demo? Go here.
Posted by DarkPhantom at 18:49

Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction
Do you live in the United States or Canada? Are you over 17 years old? Do you like Diablo 2? Then head off into Blizzard's homepage between the 4th and 11th of April and advance your name as a possible beta-tester for the new Diablo 2 Expansion Set! After the signing up process ends, a team of beta-testers will be randomly selected from those who applied and meet the minimum required conditions.
Posted by JediMaster at 16:42

Friday, 03/30/2001

Mimesis Online!
Game producer Tanhauser Gate has announced Mimesis Online, his ambitious 3D multiplayer role-playing game. The game is set on a futuristic Earth, after a cataclysm has altered the entire universe. As a result, aliens now live on the planet, bringing their rivalries and new technology along with them. Due for release in the summer of 2001, the game will be downloadable from the Internet or available by post from Tanhauser Gate. Check out their website:
Ex-Alpha, over and out.

Posted by ExAlpha at 17:26

I'm already Torn...
No, this is not a Natalie Imbruglia hit single. It's a role playing game from Black Isle Software, and it is called... yes, that's right, 'Torn'. The same team that brought us Fallout and Planetscape Torment now presents an RPG with a skill-based character system, allowing players to approach situations differently according to their characters’ abilities. With four different classes of magic, the game will be both single and multiplayer aimed, and it'll allow up to six simoultaneous players. It'll be on the stores by the end of 2001.
Ex-Alpha, over and out.

Posted by ExAlpha at 17:21

Thursday, 03/29/2001

Beta Testing
According to the Dark Age of Camelot homepage, a new beta-testing period will begin soon. Starting from the 2nd of April, people will be able to submit their applications. Click here for more information.
Posted by JediMaster at 16:47

Wednesday, 03/28/2001

Arcanum Update
The Official Arcanum Homepage has been updated with the addition of a mp3 file featuring a speech made by one of the NPCs. The site has also seen the addition of four character backgrounds.
Posted by JediMaster at 17:35

Tuesday, 03/27/2001

Dragon Warrior 7
Seems like Enix of America has made a peculiar update on their site... apparently they have added a small intro animation where a global map appeared... this map wasn't featured in Dragon Warriors Monsters nor is it part of Dragon Warriors Monsters 2... however, our friends in Japan may recognize it from Dragon Warrior 7... hmmm... this seems to point out that the US will be seeing this title in a near future...
Posted by JediMaster at 15:50

Monday, 03/26/2001

News coming from Games Developer Conference
This year's GDC brought us a lot of news and stuff about the RPG world. At this moment it's quite difficult for us to give you all this news but I'll try to post them as soon as least a little brief of what keep tuned to RPG Channel!
Posted by DarkPhantom at 18:28

Sega flies solo
For those of you expecting to see Sega at the Tokyo Game Show this month... forget it! They have decided to make their own show, called GameJam. It will take place at Zepp Tokyo on the 14th and 15th of April. Shemue 2, Phantasy Star On-Line 2 and Sakura Taisen 3 will quite probably be featured there.
Posted by JediMaster at 17:41

Sunday, 03/25/2001

Join our staff!
Are you a RPG freak? Are RPGs your life? Everybody else looks at you in a strange way when you tell how you've slayed 20 warriors? Well, we got a place for you! RPG Channel is looking for news posters, reviewers, hint writers... if you think you can help, e-mail us! Since the page generates no revenue (the only ad banner we have belongs to our host and we aren't paid for it), you'll have to work for the fun of it... but... hey, so do we! Make the world a better place... join us today! :)
Posted by JediMaster at 17:04

Saturday, 03/24/2001

Dragon Warrior Monsters 2
It was a hit in Japan... now it'll be a hit in the US. "Cobi's Journey" and "Tara's Adventure", the two titles from "Dragon Warrior Monsters 2", will be made available for American GBC owners this fall. According to Enix, they'll either be released at the same time or with a month separating them, at max.
Posted by JediMaster at 09:08

Friday, 03/23/2001

What's the frequency Kenneth?
This one is not about an R.E.M. song, but it's got to do with radios... Phantasy Star Online players: you can now listen to PSO radio show! Yep, there is already a radio show on the air exclusively dedicated to this brilliant RPG by Sonic Team. You can hear it online, with any media player that supports streaming such as Winamp or XMMS (yep, I use Linux too) just right here. What will they think of next?! A Tomb Raider movie? :-)
Ex-Alpha, over and out.

Posted by ExAlpha at 15:09

Thursday, 03/22/2001

Send them your save games!
Do you want to get that great feeling that you helped in a job well-done? It's easy. Just send Bioware your Baldur's Gate II savegames. They are asking gamers to mail'em to them because they need save-games to test a cool feauture they want to put into the add-on Baldur's Gate II - Throne of Bhaal. It will be possible to import your characters from any other Baldur's Gate game into it!
If you are willing to help them to implement this neat feature, just follow the following steps:

1) Browse to your save game folder (on BGII it's usually "C:\Program Files\Black Isle\BGII - SoA\save")
2) Pick a save game from within the folder
3) Make a .zip file of the folder you want to submit to Bioware (do not send the "save" folder)
4) Create an email message to:
5) Attach the .zip file to the message.
6) Send the email, with the .zip file attached.

Do it! Help those guys! :-)
Ex-Alpha, over and out.

Posted by ExAlpha at 15:22

Greetings Dungeon Masters!
Wizards of the Coast (who else?...) are in the final steps of the production of Fluid Entertainment’s Advanced Dungeons and Dragons: Master Tools. This package is actually a tool-set for all you D&D adicts, and it will allow you to generate characters, monsters, treasure, encounters and maps which can then be used in your pen-and-paper adventures. Developed by the combined efforts of WOTC and Troika Games, the makers of the upcoming RPG Arcanum, this program will also allow game designers to create their own dungeons, towns and other areas using the Arcanum world editor.
All that's left to say is that this sweet candy will be released next August.
Ex-Alpha, over and out.

Posted by ExAlpha at 15:14

Wednesday, 03/21/2001

THQ releases Aidyn Chronicles: The First Mage to the N64
Nintendo 64 owners and RPG fans will soon have a good motive to grab to their console with everything they have. Aidyn Chronicles: The First Mage shipped today. H2O Entertainment developed and THQ produced. The game is a tradicional RPG with a nonlinear plot. We control an orphan looking for his heritage (this reminds some other RPG's...strange isn't it..?) in many different places, like mountains, rivers... Like in other RPG's, there are numerous items, weapons and spells. And also like in other games, we can travel around the world with 3 other friends, from a cast of 13 different characters. It is also important to say that the combat sequences are turn-based, like in the Final Fantasy series. Not convinced of the quality of the game? Go here to get some multimedia stuff related to the game.
Posted by DarkPhantom at 19:31

Ultima Worlds On-Line: Origin
Were you eager to play with the new Ultima title developed by Electronic Arts and Origin? Well, life's a bitch, the game has been cancelled. According to Origin, this decision was taken because they want to spend their resources improving the already available Ultima On-Line.
Posted by JediMaster at 18:30

Tuesday, 03/20/2001

Phantasy Star On-Line Bugs
If you're over level 16 or play with someone who is, look out... Sega has detected a bug that happens when these players use certain techniques... they have tried to reproduce it in controlled conditions in order to fix it, but weren't able to do it. Sega has asked all the players who face bugs when playing this game to e-mail them, because they want to correct'em on the sequel.
Posted by JediMaster at 19:05

Monday, 03/19/2001

Breath of Fire 1 for GameBoy Advance
Capcom announced the release of Breath of Fire 1 for the GameBoy Advance. This release will, for now, be only a Japanese one, around July, so the American fans will still have to wait a while. This game will be just a remake of the SNES version, with the plot and many aspects equal, but with, in Capcom's words, some improvements in the gameplay, and with new environments added. Capcom Japan released recently 5 screenshots of this new version, that you can see here.
Posted by DarkPhantom at 20:12

Details on Skittles: Darkened Sky
Recently Simon & Schuster released some images of their recent title, Skittles: Darkned Sky. Along with the images they gave also some information about this upcoming game, due to be released in late October. So this is it...Skittles will be an action-RPG game, in a third-person view, with the possibility to move the camera as we like. Although it will have a RPG component, the game itself, and also the puzzles, will be more Tomb Raider like.
This game is being published based in the commercials of the well known candies (they use everything these days to make games...).

(The images are published in the Game Spot site)

Posted by DarkPhantom at 19:21

Sunday, 03/18/2001

Fallout Tactics
If you enjoyed the two previous titles of this saga and are in the mood for a tactical game, head off to your local videogame store, because Fallout Tactics has already been released. Taking place between the two previous titles, this game allows you to control up to 6 characters in 20 missions.
Posted by JediMaster at 14:31

Saturday, 03/17/2001

Everquest aniversary
Yesterday, the 16th March day, Everquest made 2 years since it hit the shops shelves. Since then, this MMORPG has made all efforts to be one of the best games ever. The proof to this is that in the past couple of years, everquest gathered more than 360,000 active subscribers, and at peak hours around 86,000 are online. Knowing that each of them pays $10 a month...we are facing one of the monetary most successful games ever.
Posted by DarkPhantom at 20:15

Growlanser's Sequel
Atlus Japan is working on the sequel of this Playstation RPG. "Growlanser 2: The Sense of Justice" will be presented this month at the Tokyo Game Show. PS2 owners may rest assured, the original team (Carrier Software) and the original artist (Satoshi Urushihara) will be working on this sequel.
Posted by JediMaster at 18:33

Friday, 03/16/2001

Aidyn Chronicles: The First Mage
Got a N64? Got a sudden urge to control a young kid named Alaron? Well, get ready, this N64 title is only a week way for all the American gamers out there... the 22nd of March is the chosen day.
Posted by JediMaster at 18:49

Thursday, 03/15/2001

Just do it! :-)
Just a small note for those who forget it... we DO have a message board! It's located right here. Well then...
Ex-Alpha, over and out.

Posted by ExAlpha at 15:32

Wednesday, 03/14/2001

Blizzard releases another screen
While we wait for the summer, season in which is sheduled the release of Diablo 2 expansion, Lord of Destruction, Blizzard is giving to the fans screenshots of the new title, unfortunatly at a quite slow pace...but it's better than nothing. Take a look at the new screen available in their site here.
Posted by DarkPhantom at 19:02

Dungeon Siege news
Microsoft's upcoming RPG, Dungeon Siege is being displayed at Gamestock. There are rumors that this game has a strong strategic component besides the obvious RPG style. Some missions are very similar to some RTS games, and so is the interface. While we wait for concise information about this Microsoft title, we can get a glimpse of the game looks. Game Spot has some of screenshots here.

Posted by DarkPhantom at 18:51

El Dorado Gates will close
There were plans to create 24... but plans sometimes aren't completed... Capcom has decided to make a serious cut on what they had planned to be a massive saga... Sega's announcement of Dreamcast's near death motivated this decision. This RPG's story will be changed so that everything can fit into 7 titles. The fourth title will be released in 12th of April. The fifth will be released on the 6th of June, followed by the sixth on the 8th of August. The series will end with the release of the 7th title on the 10th of October.
There's no confirmation if these titles will be released in the US... however, the future looks kind of grim... chances are only Japanese gamers will be able to play'em.

Posted by JediMaster at 18:24

Tuesday, 03/13/2001

Phantasy Star On-Line
The 200.000 users that played Phantasy Star On-Line this month have a reason to smile... Sega is about to confirm an expansion pack for this RPG. It isn't expected much new stuff, just some bug fixes, extra missions and a couple of gameplay changes... but it's better than nothing, right?
Posted by JediMaster at 17:08

Monday, 03/12/2001

It's finished, it's being shipped and you should be able to buy this Volition's RPG by the 20th of March!
Posted by JediMaster at 18:49

Sunday, 03/11/2001

Shin Megami Tensei
Well, if you were already waiting at the shop's front door to buy the Playstation remake of this Super Nintendo title... head back home. The original release date (March) has been delayed till May. No reason was given. However, the price will remain the same (4800 yen) and the offer of a package of trading cards is still going to happen. Oh joy...
Posted by JediMaster at 10:37

Star Ocean: Blue Sphere
Gameboy Colour's sequel to Playstation's "Star Ocean: The Second Story" finally has a release date: 28th of June. If you live in Japan, gather around 6400 yen. If you don't... start thinking about moving over there, because no American or European release date has been announced.
Posted by JediMaster at 10:33

Saturday, 03/10/2001

More Deus info...
Remember the news from JediMaster, past Tuesday?... Well, here's a couple of things I've found out about Deus Ex Game of The Year Edition. It's packed with some tasty goodies, such as a deathmatch multiplayer feature, a Development Kit for your map-creating frenzies, and an extra 30-track audio CD with game music. Deus Ex fans, don't desperate: this GOTYE will be out in May.
Ex-Alpha, over and out.

Posted by ExAlpha at 18:10

RedMoon On-Line
In the mood for a multiplayer RPG? Well, JoyCity is and they have prepared RedMoon just for that. On this on-line RPG you can choose to be one of 9 characters in order to face the world. Click here to visit their website.
Posted by JediMaster at 15:05

Friday, 03/09/2001

Squaring the Wonderswan
The rumours regarding a Squaresoft RPG for Nintendo's Gameboy Advance have proven to be false. "Blue Wing Blitz", the new title from the boys and girls at Square, will be released only for the Wonderswan Color.
Posted by JediMaster at 18:36

Gameboy Advance Advanced!
Nintendo has announced the official details for their new portable system, the Gameboy Advance. If you live in the US, start saving $99.95 for the 11th of June, because you're gonna need'em to buy this console. Unfortunately, none of the release games is a RPG. However, it is expected that both Fire Emblem and Golden Sun become available till the end of 2001.
Posted by JediMaster at 18:31

Thursday, 03/08/2001

Birthday Boy!!!
OK...this is not something that most of you out there are eager to know...
But somewhat, I think you all should know that our "mastha", Pedro Amaro, aka, Jedimaster, celebrates today his 20th birthday! :)

Happy Birthday kiddo ;P

In the name of the RPG Channel staff, I wish U the best of luck! ;) You really deserve U know...?! ;)

Posted by DarkPhantom at 19:01

Ultima Online: Third Dawn antecipated release
The release date for UO: Third Dawn was March 27. But Origin decided to antecipate its launch, for the contentedly of all the fans. This new add-on will have finally the so desired 3D, with more than 700 motion-captured animations on 200 different character models. The game will also have more land to explore, new monsters, improved music and SFX, and many many more.
Posted by DarkPhantom at 18:49

Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel almost in stores
14 Degrees East announced today that their new game, Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel, is almost hitting the US stores. This game brings new features, like the multi-person feature (like in Ultima VII or Final Fantasy), the chance to control armored vehicles, such as dune buggies, and even the combat method has been re-tuned. Like its antecessors, each thing we do have an impact in the whole game. And even more in this game, 'cause we don't have only one character to control.
Personal opinion: from what i've seen, the game has quite some resemblances with games like Jagged Alliance, at least in the combat mode. So, if you're a fan of this kind of games, you will for sure enjoy playing Fallout Tactics.

Posted by DarkPhantom at 18:32

Wednesday, 03/07/2001

Final Fantasy upcoming movie Preview
Many fans of the Final Fantasy series are drooling in antecipation, all because of the upcoming movie of Columbia Pictures, "Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within". For all of these impacient gamers and FF fanatics (and for all the others who want to know more about this movie), Game Spot gave us their First Impression about the movie. Read it all here.
Posted by DarkPhantom at 19:10

Anarchy! Online! Screenshots! Need I say more?...
Funcom has put out a couple of screenshots from its upcoming online game: Anarchy Online. Here is the first one, and here is another one.
Anarchy Online will be a blend of RPG and action game, set on a distant planet named Omni-1. The players can assume several characters, and form clans in order to travel the world, take part in quests and a lot more of sci-fi mayhem... Read all about it in its website... All you have to do to reach it is click here.
Ex-Alpha, over and out.

Posted by ExAlpha at 18:06

Everquest Deluxe GTi Turbo Special Edition...
Ubi Soft is in the mood of releasing a special edition of their online RPG, Everquest. And they will! For a retail price of Ł29.99 Everquest fans get Everquest, the two add-on packs The Ruins of Kunark and The Scars of Velious, a map of the game's world, a poster, a strategy guide and... drums please... a model of an Iksar (a creature in the game)!
With an average of 85,000 players at any one time, this is one of the largest on-line games ever. Everquest Special Deluxe Edition will be out in late March.
Ex-Alpha, over and out.

Posted by ExAlpha at 17:46

More Magic? More Mayhem?... cool!
Magic and Mayhem: Art of Magic is the title for another upcoming release, this time from Behthesda Softworks. This sequel to Magic and Mayhem is a 3D role playing game which has some strategy elements, and a huge and epic storyline (at least they say so...) Well... have a screenshot, and another one, and here is the link to their website. All that's left to say is that this game is due to April in USA and it will reach Europe in May.
Ex-Alpha, over and out.

Posted by ExAlpha at 04:54

Tuesday, 03/06/2001

Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter add-on
It was recently revealed that the Icewind Dale add-on will have also an add-on (crazy minds...). This new content will be a downloadable dungeon, that will not be intrinsically connected with the add-on general plot, but will have something "plugged" to it.
Posted by DarkPhantom at 19:21

Deus EX
Personally, I thought this game was extremely boring... anyway, seems like lots of people liked it because it was considered "Game of the Year". And those people can be happy once again since Ion Storm and Eidos are planning to release a special "Game of the Year" edition of this title.
Posted by JediMaster at 17:24

Red Storm's new RPG already has an official website. If you wish to know more about this game, based on the novels by Anne McCaffrey, head right now to the
Dragonriders: Chronicles of Pern official homepage!

Posted by JediMaster at 17:16

Monday, 03/05/2001

Golden Sun Screenshots
RPGamer has posted some new screenshots about this Gameboy Advance RPG produced by Camelot (the same guys who brought you Shining Force 3 for the Sega Saturn). Check'em out, they look cool.
Posted by JediMaster at 18:40

Sunday, 03/04/2001

Baldur's Gate revealed for PS2
Baldur's Gate first appeared on the PC and lots of gamers played and replayed it. Now it's time for the console players to have a taste of the typical PC rpg style. Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance is the name of Black Isle title for the Sony PlayStation 2. This highly antecipated game for this console was previewed by IGN. You can check this one out, here.
Posted by DarkPhantom at 18:54

Cheaters On-Line
Sega is currently terminating accounts from people who cheated at Phantasy Star On-Line. People cheating to get unlimited money and items are causing quite a crash at the game's popularity and Sega wants to put an end to it.
Posted by JediMaster at 17:57

This mix of RPG, strategy game and cool manga graphics available in Japanese only for Super Nintendo is slowly being translated to English. No-Life Translations has released a patch that translates around 70% of this title.
Posted by JediMaster at 17:54

Saturday, 03/03/2001

Diablo II expansion set Preview
The game that generated legions of followers but also legions of haters is about to expand. This expansion will be released in the beggining of July. But if you're one of the many that are dying for information about this, check out the huge preview that Game Spot released recently. It's all right here.
Posted by DarkPhantom at 21:14

Wizardry 8 on its way
Now for all you hardcore RPG fans out there. One of the most renowned AD&D-gameplay-style RPG series out there is Wizardry. Well, a new episode is scheduled for release by the guys at TBA for next April. The Games Domain has taken a peek at the press demo of this upcoming release, complete with some screenshots. You can read all about it just right here.
Ex-Alpha, over and out.

Posted by ExAlpha at 16:49

Breath of Fire
Capcom's famous saga will make its appearance in Nintendo's Gameboy Advance. Although it is still unknown if it'll be a new title or an adaptation of the original Super Nintendo version, the probability of a Breath of Fire 5 is higher.
Posted by JediMaster at 10:12

Star Ocean 3
An estimated release date for this new PS2 RPG has finally been announced... if you live in Japan, start saving your money! You'll need it next quarter (April/May/June)!
Posted by JediMaster at 10:10

Friday, 03/02/2001

Neverwinter Nights screenshots
Nvidia have included 3 screenshots of Bioware's Neverwinter Nights in their site. The intent of this was to show us the excellent quality of the GeForce3 image. But we can also see the great graphics of the game. They are absolutely astonishing... Go see with your own eyes here.
Posted by DarkPhantom at 20:51

PS2 RPG Delayed
King's Field IV, From Software's highly awaited RPG for Sony's new system, has been delayed. The American version has currently no release date planned. However, if you live in Japan, you can consider yourself lucky (that is, if the game achieves its expectations): the release date has been set for this Summer.
Posted by JediMaster at 19:03

Lugia: I choose you! (Please read this with a british accent)
Good news for british Pokémon fans: Nintendo Europe has just sent out the first details about the upcoming release of Pokémon Gold and Silver in the United Kingdom (for the Game Boy Color, of course).
And what a release it is! It arrives at the best videogame stores at 9 a.m. of the 6th. of April, and Nintendo expects to sell around 550 THOUSAND copies on the first day!! Guys at Nintendo couldn't be more optimistic, because they expect to sell 8 million cartridges until the end of 2001 all across Europe. Of course, this launch will be followed by a gigantic marketing campaign, but further details about it are still unknown. According to the Nintendo spokesman, it will surpass the Red/Blue one... which involved more money that Vietnam's yearly income...
Pokémon Gold and Silver are two 'twin' RPG's, sequels to Pokémon Red/Blue/Green/Yellow, which focus on training and fighting with creatures (the Pocket Monsters, Pokémon for short), in order to achive the title of greatest Pokémon master of the world. But that you probably know already.
Ex-Alpha, over and out.

Posted by ExAlpha at 17:15

Thursday, 03/01/2001

Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn expansion announced
And here it is. The new Baldur's Gate add-on has been announced by Bioware and Black Isle Studios.
As ir was with the first title, Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn expansion set will have new heroes, new spells, new locations to explore, all this set in the Forgotten Realms world (not an unusual thing, but yet, an important thing to say) of Dungeons & Dragons. The title of the expansion is already known, Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal. The release date for this expansion pack is next Summer. And remember, you must have the original Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn in order to play this add-on.

Posted by DarkPhantom at 19:06

Blizzard and Diablo's legal quest
First of all, I'm Ex-Alpha, one of the new staff members of the RPG Channel. Nice to meet you! :-)
Now, for the news itself. Blizzard, the well-known PC developer owned by Sierra, is taking legal action against the american film company New Line Cinema. The whole clash is about the name of an upcoming film from that company: it's called Diablo! Blizzard is obviously furious about this, also because the film will be partially based on the story from the hit PC RPG with the same title. The developers also stated that New Line Cinema have rejected their request to change the film's name... which, in Blizzard's point of view, is clearly a proof of their intentions of violating copyright laws.
Who will win this? We'll wait and see...

Posted by ExAlpha at 17:44