Monday, 10/22/2001

Join a game project!
This isn't RPG related, but I thought about posting it here, since there may be some interested people visiting this page. If you're good with game-related computer graphics, if you know how to draw in Japanese style (manga) or if you're good at producing sound effects (explosions, etc) and want to do some work for a game project, send an e-mail to This is a small project that a friend and I created for one of our Java classes. Since we were only evaluated by our programming skills, we used "ripped" graphics to test it. But now we want to make a fully original release. The programming part is already done, all we lack are artists (for the scenarios, story-telling screens, etc) and someone to produce the sound effects. This isn't a commercial product (it'll be freeware), so the only reward is your name on the credits screen. Click here for more information about the game. If you think you can do better than these graphics and the "reward" is enough for you, don't hesitate and contact us right now!
Posted by JediMaster at 17:26

Friday, 10/12/2001

Games Section Down
I just want to tell everyone that the Games/ROMs (whatever you want to call it) is down. I'll get Pedro to fix it ASAP.
Posted by Cloud121 at 23:22

Tuesday, 10/09/2001

Just Wonderful.....
Dammit! After the FF Movie flopped at the box office ($30 million, damn that makes me mad, grrrr....), it looks like Square's leaving the movie business. However, I hear that the facilities used to do all the animation stuff, are going independent and are gonna do animation for other companies (they MIGHT be doing a sequel/prequel to FF: Spirits Within), but I can't confirm. Check out FF Online for more info.
Posted by Cloud121 at 17:40

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