Welcome to the FX codes
Blue codes are old, they can be found everywhere or in a few places.
Red codes I've found in mags and sites but I can't get them to work. (they are probably fake)
Green codes- I don't have this game so I can't test it.
Orange codes are discovered by me, you might find them elsewhere but they were here first.
Sonic CD
Sound Test - At Title Screen press Down, Down, Down, Left, Right, A
(Enter these numbers in sound test and press start)
7 7 7
42 3 1
46 12 25
44 11 9
42 4 21
40 12 11
- Secret Special Stage
- M C Sonic
- Weird Sonic
- Sonic Sitting
- Human Sonic
- Tails (debug activated)
(Enter at title screen)
Single Stage Play - Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, B(ring)
Play With Background - Up, Down, Down, Down, Down, Up(ring) now use Controller 2 to mess with the title screen
See Programmers High Scores - Right, Right, Up, Up, Down, C
(approximate times to beat in time attack)
38 min.
31 min.
26 min.
- D. A. Garden in title select
- Press Left in time attack to play special stages
- Visual Mode in title select
Outta Here! - Make Sonic stand still for 2 minutes and he'll say "I'm outta here" then jump off the screen and you lose all of your lives.
(debug tricks)
Super Jump - In Palmtree Panic Act 1 find Princess Sally in debug and put her in a few times, now exit debug and get them to kiss you, now jump (the more Sally's kissing you the higher you jump)(if sonic takes to long to fall look at the debug numbers, if they are not moving sonic is stuck in the air, to fix this enter debug and bring him down manually.)
Blue Sally - In Palmtree Panic Act 1 find Princess Sally then enter debug and find Sally, move left and she turns blue
Pass Stardust Speedway Act 3 Multiple Times - In debug find Princess Sally, put her in about 12 times over the original, now try to knock down as many as possible
System Reset - Enter debug and go off the left side of the screen
yeah, I know, "Amy" but if the instructions call her "Princess Sally" then so will I