Welcome to the FX codes
Blue codes are old, they can be found everywhere or in a few places.
Red codes I've found in mags and sites but I can't get them to work. (they are probably fake)
Green codes- I don't have this game so I can't test it.
Orange codes are discovered by me, you might find them elsewhere but they were here first.
Sega Dreamcast
Sonic Shuffle
Picture Disc - Turn on the Dreamcast with the lid open, go to the Music screen, put the Sonic Shuffle disc in and close
Get a new hand of cards - When the cards are all used and a new hand is delt, look at your cards on the VMU, don't like them, then press and hold A+B+X+Y, Start. Now continue your game you will be in the same spot with new cards
'Twas the NiGHTS before christmas - Playing with the system date on Christmas Eve, NiGHTS will replace Lumina in the game, however, you must have 49/49 of the minigames
Collecting Action Figures - Win as any character in vs. then go to the sonic room, look at your new toy then leave the room (this will save your toy in the VMU) collect all 8
Laptop - Beat Game in Story, then go to the sonic room, look at your new laptop then leave the room (this will save your laptop in the VMU) the laptop is a option menu
Toy Box - Buy picture #49
Buying all of a normal character's pictures will unlock a character in versus mode
- Super Sonic
- Big
- Chao
- E-102