How to join
1. E-mail me your site name and site URL's that you want posted
site name = sonic jam
or homepage>
(no html gibberish please, it's just easier for me that way, but I will take it if you don't know your own URL's, but it will be put in the bottom of "the pile")
(if you have a page that you want posted but I don't have a catagory for it, SEND IT ANYWAY!!!!  I am always happy to put up a new catagory)
(if your URL's don't work when I try them I will not post them)
(if one of your pages is full of links that don't work I will not post it)
2. Wait until I post your site in the FFN, I will E-mail you, how long it takes depends on how big "the pile" is
3. Link to "The Freedom Fighters Network" page on your sonic homepage (failure to do so in 20 days will get you thrown off FFN until you add the link and send me an e-mail that you did)
if you need a picture use this one
If you want to make your own logo/picture/button send it to me first so I can approve it. Tell me if you don't want me to put the picture up for others to use as well.
E-Mail me here