9/4/01 - I know it's been a long time since i last updated, sorry about that. Anyway I've been trying new layouts and none were that good. Well here's whats new
- New poll
- NEW SECTION!!!!! Ultimate Codemaster Game Genie and Game Shark codes, this section is not complete yet, all of the codes are from the genie instruction book, except for a few really cool codes for Sonic 3 that I found in an old Game Informer Magazine. I'll try to update soon again, I found a code for Sonic 3&K that makes Tails run on all 4's
6/25/01 - I have been trying different layout designs for the site, so far the current one is my best, I may be getting rid of one or two sections (ones that I never liked in the first place)
- Added my first two Sonic Adventure 2 codes
4/20/01 - Go click Princess Sally found a site that sells the Saturn S-Video Cable (NEW!!!)
-Added pics of the SatAMP skins!
4/3/01 - Finally!  Moving day!! soon http://holographic0.tripod.com/fxproductions/ will be no more
-Organized files so updates can be more often
-Code for the SA2 demo
-SatAMP series started
1/17/01 - added, confirmed and edited some Game Gear Sonic Spinball codes
-added alternate home pages "Hyper Tails" and "Y2J"
-added some never seen before Sonic Shuffle Codes
-added "Master System" to codes section and put in a few codes
-added "Master System" to stories section (no stories up)
12/13/00 - added poll & hit counter
-Fixed up Etc section
12/9/00 - Original version released