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What homepage would be complete without a "Links" section?? :)
DarcNES Linux This is the Homepage of the Original Linux version of DarcNES, where it all started!
DarcNES BeOS This is the Homepage of the BeOS port of DarcNES.
DarcNES Amiga This is the Homepage of the Amiga port of DarcNES. Yeah, the Amiga is still alive and kickin'!!
DarcNES Win32 For all you Win users out there, the Win32 port fo DarcNES.
Allegro Homepage of Allegro, the best game library for DJGPP/DOS. It is used to handle the Graphics, Sound and Input (keyboard/joysticks) on the DOS version of DarcNES.
EmulationZone This is the EmulationZone, one of the "oldest" emulation related sites on the Net. Be sure to check WEMU, the news section which is maintained by myself. (OK, I have to admit it's not always up-to-date...)
RockNES Homepage of RockNES, an EXCELLENT NES emulator for DOS. DarcNES and RockNES share some common roots (the xNES project) but have taken different paths. The current version is basically a complete rewrite of the code, and I must admit that Fx3 has done a pretty good job at it!!
Hoshi's Homepage Homepage of my good friend Masaru Hoshi. It's probably not ready yet, but I'll put the link here anyway (maybe this way he can hurry up that page, right Hoshi??)
Revista do Linux This is were I work. It's a Linux magazine produced by Conectiva, with nationwide distribution and a production run of 25.000 copies each month. My job is to write articles (some editions do have 4 or 5 articles written by me!), take care of the website, and select content for the CD that comes with the magazine.
Conectiva Conectiva is the leading Linux distributor in Latin America, and the "publisher" of the Revista do Linux. I used to work as a packager (creating RPM packages) before going to the magazine. If you have Conectiva Linux (5.0, 5.1 or 6.0) installed on your machine, do a
rpm -q --changelog `rpm -qa` | grep Rigues and you will see my name on some packages :)

DarcNES Multi-System emulator. DOS Port by Sephiroth, original Linux version by Nyef.