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Who we Are


Hey hey hey. This page will introduce you, the silly reader, to the mischievous paws that created this very site. It may also help you to navigate the nest of confusion that surrounds them.
The Fume Cupboard Facility consists at the moment of only its two founders and no associate members, although this may change. This is the first general-purpose fan site developed by these two long term Sonic the Hedgehog fans. It replaces a more Sonic Underground-centric site, known as The Underground Zone, which can be found archived
here, although most of the good content has been distilled into these pages.

Despite our long-term association with the rodent, our extensive use of the Internet is relatively recent by contrast, thanks to the severe late development of our British homeland in this area. The main aim of this site is to finally create an arena where our unique brand of random fandom can flourish and send forth its evil organic vines, some of which are made of copper (like Robotnik's moustache).


The Cyan


Full name:Cyan Helkaraxe
Age: 0x16 hex
Species: Mobian Hedgehog
Gender: Male
Location: Britain
Nose: A black olive-shaped protrusion that gets stuck in the hole in a CD
Most Ticklish Spot: Ribs
Age of Calculator: 36 years
Highest Voluntary Shock: 480V at 40mA
Highest Surprising Shock: 240V at 100mA
Maximum Voltage Licked: 40V
Record Tails Kills in 1 Act: 48

The notorious Cyan Helkaraxe could only be called an engineer by those who would call Dr. Eggman a scientist; partially accurate, but by no means the whole story...

Cyan is a rodent of wide interests, who has applied his unique talents to many fields; especially in electronics, machine-level programming, and music. He is most well known to the wider world for his early and essential work -- which led to his place on the (now discontinued) SSRG -- creating hacking and editing utilities for the Sonic ROMs, for use in the emulation scene.

His unique talents have been showcased on his own two previous web sites - firstly, the Underground Zone, where he was the first to take a violently pro-Sonic Underground stance on the net - and then Sonic Server, a gaffa-tape home-foam Linux box designed solely to hold the things too weird for emulationzone.org. Of note among these are Cyan's collection of fan art - not to be missed by lovers of wobbly mouse lines!

In person, Cyan is a mild and unobtrusive rodent, who seeks only to do his good work to an unsuspecting world. This mildness lasts right up to the point where someone mentions Windows.



"No no; the buckets themselves are fun!"

Full name:Baneus Singollo
Age:00010110 using the Motorola byte order
Species:Mobian Ground Squirrel
Nose:A cute triangular pad with worryingly low impedance
Most Ticklish Spot:Neck
Romanticism: Crippling
Kinsey Rating: Average of 3 with a frighteningly unpredictable oscillation
Elemental Affinity: Weak against sugar; absorbs citrus attacks
RPGs beaten: FF4-9, SoM1-2, Chrono Trigger, Grandia, Skies of Arcadia, Star Ocean 2, Granstream Saga, etc
Fake Roses Owned: 14

Bane is best described as a fantasy obsessive, spending his time playing RPGs, reading SF novels and watching anime; his mind permanently floating in a kind of romantic haze, from which he emerges only rarely, when Cyan tells him to make the tea. Why Cyan does not invest in a tea urn is beyond the scope of this discussion (and possibly of comprehension).

His current obsession changes with his mood, but an edited shortlist of his non-hedgehog interests would include Final Fantasy, Lord of the Rings, The Wheel of Time, Cardcaptor Sakura, Pokemon, Harry Potter, Highlander, and several others. As you can see, there is little room in his head for reality.

On top of this, he would be the first to describe himself as a yaoi-boy, has a tendency to totally ignore gender distinctions, and a taste for the kinky. Unbridled romanticism only makes it worse.

Bane is occasionally considered an artist. This may be due to a newly discovered mental condition dubbed malumania. Conversely, it may be nothing more than his tendency to wear black roll-neck sweaters and say anything that comes into his fuzzy head. He inhabits the same sort of wiry monitor nest that Cyan does.


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