This is Cyan Helkaraxe. I wish to make the important announcement that I am leaving the Sonic Community for 10 minutes to go and make a cup of tea. Do you know what I've realized? I like my tea quite cool, unlike the stupid hot-tea-drinking jerks that surround me (you know who you are, even if I don't). So I will need to allow my tea to cool down for some time, maybe even half an hour, before I can drink it (I hope you're happy), and rejoin the community with a quenched thirst. Sadly, it seems that for every perfect cup of tea I drink, there are two more that I don't see until I've knocked them over the keyboard, and hosed my vi session, like the stupid vi-hosing jerks that surround me.
Since I cannot be bothered to take the site down as a protest, click here to continue.
Questions? Complaints? Serving Suggestions? Wahoo?
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5/10/02  Hey hey! I'll get around to taking this down sooner or later. Meanwhile, I was pleased with the response I got from you little rodents. However, I was slightly dissapointed that you all apparently tuned-out my wonderful image! Did you not dare to consider its power, or to guess what it could represent?
Let's have some attempts at captioning, please! Send all suggestions, recipes, etc, to the address above.