[-] Fume Cupboard FacilityLOADED: STRANGE THINGS

[-] Extreme Overclocking20/Aug/03Cyan
Mastersystem. Overclocking. Heatsinks. Duh.                                                                                                

[-] Oops!27/Dec/01Cyan / Bane
Oops! Cyan was Animating last year! He Set the Pencil Tester up And draw the animation unfolds!                                                                        

[-] Volcan-O-Matic31/Dec/02Cyan / Bane
Ivo Industries' new product has been causing quite a...uh...bubbling mass of lava lately. Read about this incredible piece of engineering in the product brochure, presented here!
Note: Ivo Industries' are not yet accepting orders, and request that you do not bother them for more information. When asked why, a "rrrAAaaAAaa" sound was heard at the other end of the phone, followed by what appeared to be a very violent explosion. We can only speculate.

Note to our French readers: We're not serious! (no, duh) If you're offended by it, you're taking it too seriously. Perhaps you should go and write the sequel -- "Melting the USA on a shoestring" ;)

[-] Apple Juice31/Dec/02Cyan / Bane
In this journey through PowerPC land, Dr. Helkaraxe searches for a cure to the notorious condition of malumania. Follow his adventures as he experiences the sheer safety of Ivo Industrial Supplies' products, and dices with death in order to create "Apple Juice". Oh, and that ground squirrel also features. But never mind him ;)

Note to our
Mac readership: Ha!

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